Monday, June 17, 2013

Chapter 158...Adding The Ends To The Building

We got the shingle roof complete in the last story now it's time to close up the ends:)

We will be using cut up boards from the T1-11 for our end pieces.  First Mike has to add extra 2x4 scabs for something to nail the new boards into:

After he nails those in we take careful measurements of the angles.  We will need to use a total of four boards and cut them down to make the peak and the angles.

Mike drawing out one of the boards from a template:

We have the two peak boards complete:

After we get them measured and cut, I paint the boards to match the building.  I let them dry outside in the sun before we can install them:

Mike nails up the first board:

After we get the first two boards up we decide we don't like the way the lines from the top boards don't line up "exactly" with the bottom boards.  Ugh....sometimes being picky is a pain in the butt, lol.

So we take those two done and start over:

OK back on track and we got it right.  We have to start from one side instead of the peak and work our way to the other side.  We measured, cut the angles, and painted the boards.  The first one is up.

Ah...much better:)  We are happy with that:

Mike nailing in the second one:

While I am inside painting:

Nailing in the last one on the front side:

We are finished enclosing one end:

Onto the back side.  Same story different side.  Mike nails the first one in:

And the second one:

Mike cutting the angle that we have measured:

Woo hoo.  Both ends are finished:

The next day we decide to work on the land at the store property.  We still have a lot of finish work to do.  So we will do a little at a time.

We stop off at the barn and push some of the loose floor hay onto our trailer:

We cover it with a tarp and I take that to the store.  Mike follows me in the tractor:

Once we are there I start working on the shallow ditch by raking, seeding and throwing out the hay.  Mike scoops dirt to fill in one of our low spots:

He gets that spot raked out:

And I get the seed and straw on it:

The ditch line that I worked on:

While we are there one of the people we have met in the area stops by with coffee for us and to chat.  It was a very nice gesture.  Too bad Mike and I didn't have our cups with us, lol.

After we got finished I left first and Mike followed me home.  To show you how far we have to drive I took this picture, lol.  I am on our driveway looking through some trees.  It's really nice when you can work that close to home:)

That's all for today.  I hope you enjoyed this story and I will write again soon.  Have a great week:)


  1. It's getting there Lisa. You guys do an awesome job.

    Jerry from Forums Forums

    1. Thank you. We are stretching it out since this is our big project for the year:) The rain is also slowing us down...ugh!!

  2. What kind of seed are you using before you put down the straw?


    1. Hi Lily

      We have been using the same seed here for years. It grows pretty well. We use Kentucky 31 Fescue.

  3. It's looking GREAT! Just a couple of comments....
    1.) I thought the property was on your side of the highway, just to the left as you went out your property....though it's still pretty close!!
    2.) I noticed the Walmart truck in the background on that one photo.....maybe you guys can be Smalmart....since your store will be a whole lot smaller! LOL!!
    3.) I guess in the future, you'll keep a couple of coffee cups with you at all times...LOL!!
    That was very nice of the neighbor to of the reasons I loved the country! Of course, on the flip side, you are probably never going to "really" be local, since it usually takes a couple of generations to fit in properly. Still, you'll have a great life there, and that store will help quite a bitW!

    1. Hi PapPappy

      1. It's on the other side:)
      2. Oh yeah....a whole lot smaller with much smaller headaches, lol.
      3.We do have some coffee cups to sell:)
      Mike and I have been pretty lucky with most of the long time locals. We never came in as know it alls and we never wanted to change the people here. We may not agree with all the values and ideas but we keep quiet about our differences. Just because we have different views doesn't mean we can't get along:)

      We are also interested and have learned a lot from the people here...especially gardening and canning on my end. I think it is appreciated that we like their way of life:) Mike and I try to blend and it works pretty well for us.

  4. Thats now being pickey, thats being a true craftsman, by doing the ends as you have.
    Mike should have his own woodworking shop... How bout it mike? :)
    I wish you well...


    1. Shh....don't give him any more ideas, lol.

  5. It sure is coming along! LOL - well according to normal people's standards, but I know y'all might not think so! :)

    Hmmm.......since y'all don't ever have anything to do, I have been thinking on what your next project should be. A BIG IN GROUND SWIMMING POOL!!!!!

    Whatcha think?


    1. Cool. I would love to be able to cool off but a pool is a lot of maintenance. Mike built his own pool in Florida years ago. Easy digging there:)

  6. Wow those ends lining up did make a difference good job catching that early. Amazing how it seems both of you just glide through these projects with ease. Will there just be the one end for the entrance or are you making it so you can come in either way? Love your updates~~ little Miss Niki doesn't come over to the store yet?


    1. Thank you. We will just have the one entrance. That is where the driveway ends. There is only one entrance to the property. The bigger items we sell will be by the back door. The front will have shelves. Oh....lots of shelves, lol.

      Niki hasn't been there yet. Maybe after we get the painting on the inside done:) I will talk mike into letting her come sometimes when we open. She's not used to us not being around...even though she has gotten very lazy, lol.

  7. What kind of store is it going to be?

  8. How funny, going back to re-do the boards so they lined up. My first thought was 'how can you get the boards to line up that well' and then I saw that it didn't at first!

    Love that you're so close to home at the shop. I drove two hours each way five days a week for the first four years we lived here. It was exhausting!!!!! Now that hubby's MS has progressed so much he can't be alone anymore, so work is right here at home. Once I go back to school he'll need a nurse. And yet I still wish I could be close to home, just in case. Nothing in the world like the peace of mind of knowing that home is a glance away. :)

    1. Mike and I tend to get a little picky about things, lol. "Most" of the time if these things were never shown, people would never notice.

      I am sorry to hear about your husband. Good luck to you both,