Monday, June 24, 2013

Chapter 159...Eaves, Electrical And Building Interior Walls

Hello everyone.  Today's chapter is about getting the eaves cut, painted and installed, working on the electrical wiring inside the store, and building the walls for the bathroom and utility room.

So let's get to work:)

We are using the extra T1-11 for the eaves.  The eaves are the lower edge of the roof.  We use the saw horses to measure and cut the boards.

Mike is measuring:

After we get some of the eaves cut I get them painted:

I ran out of room on the saw horses so I set up some cross boards and started painting the eaves inside the building:

Mike starts working on the electric inside the store.  He is nailing in the electric outlet boxes every eight feet:

Once the boxes are in he starts the wiring:

Drilling a hole in the top of the wall so we can feed the electric wire above the trusses and over to the electrical panel box:

Mike pulling the wires over to the utility closet:

Drilling holes into the sides of the walls to make room for the wires.  Every stud needs a hole drilled:

More boxes being nailed in:

Feeding the electric wire into the circuit breaker box:

Mike wires the outlets for our overhead lights:

I nail in metal plate covers on every stud to protect the electric wire.  This needs to be done so that no nails or screws go through the electric wire when the sheetrock is installed:

Yay...another delivery.  My insulation is favorite job:).  We also go some more 2x4's for the interior walls:

We empty the building and then we refill it, lol:

We alos have to make shelves for the store.  We will be making them out of plywood.  Mike measures for each shelf:

Cutting them down to size for 16 inch shelves:

Bringing them inside and stacking them until we are ready to paint and build them:

Here are our stacks of shelves and eaves that we will get back to.  Right now Mike needs my help building the walls for the bathroom and the utility closet:

Mike measures the 2x4's for the top plate for the wall:

Once the 2x4's are cut down we lay them out and get ready to nail them together.  We use pressure treated 2x4's for the bottom plate which will sit on the concrete floor and regular 2x4's for the rest of the wall.

Once we get a section of wall done, we stand it up and anchor it into the ground:

Mike trying to get our section straight:

Nailing the section of interior wall to the inside of the truss:

We have rooms:)  The bathroom and the utility room studs are up:

Now it's time to install the eaves that have already been painted and are dry.  Mike nails the first one in place on the back of the building:

Moving along:

And we are done:

That's all for now.  Mike and I are happy with the progress.  Next time I will tell you about my insulation job and Mike will finish up the electrical wiring and do the plumbing.

I hope you enjoyed the story and have a great week:)


  1. Once again, an outstanding report! I really can't wait to see them in my in-box!

    OK, maybe you mentioned this before, when you were building the house, but why didn't you put vents along the eaves? Seems like it would have been easier (yeah, I know you guys don't know from easy! LOL!!) to buy the vinyl eaves that would allow air flow the whole length of the building. You don't have vents at the ends either? Is this something that will be installed later on, or are you planning to build without ventilation?

    Nice size bathroom too. So often, we see dinky bathrooms in stores and such. Also, make sure that you follow the ADA rules for the bathroom...better to do it now, than have to pull it all apart down the road.

    1. I'm glad you like our stories.

      Mike has a thing about "getting the material off the floor" which means we do some things out of a regular order. For instance we painted the building before the trusses came, lol. We were ready and the trusses weren't. Rest assured we will have venting, actually we already do:wink:

      We are not too worried about the bathroom yet as we don't even have water, lol. We really don't need it right away to run some garage/secondhand sales out of a couple of days a week. We will get to it:)

  2. P.S....MIke always gets the best pictures of you...LOL!! Or are you just shy? LOL!!

  3. It is great to watch your progress. I hope to get to install some insulation sometime, since you highly recommend it.
    The Birthday Day is a great idea too. Too bad I don't have any of the grandkids close by.
    I don't want to jump ahead, but I have a couple of questions. What are you planning to sell in the store, and why do you need a shower in it?

    1. Thank you for writing in. Maybe you can request a birthday day:)

      The idea for a building on our lot has a few different reasons. First we wanted to increase the value of the land. Then Mike and I weren't sure if we should make it commercial or residential. So we opted for making a floor plan that can be changed into a house later on. The shower had to be set up because the plumbing had the be installed in the concrete slab. Basically we are just keeping our options open:) It may never be changed into a house but we are prepared, lol.

      We will sell slightly used second hand items and local jams, jellies, and honey. This is really just a hobby for us but it's really about increasing the value of the property and giving us something to do.:)