Monday, January 26, 2015

New Gutters and A Granite Counter

Hello everyone.  Today's story is a combo story of putting a few gutters up and having the granite installed in the kitchen.

So let me show you how things are going.

This house had no gutters which actually made sense.  With all of the Oak trees and the Spanish moss the gutters would constantly be filled up.  Unfortunately somehow the doorways leak when it rains hard.  Mike and I saw the water come just inside the doorways after one hard rain and we knew we had to add some gutters.  We decided to just add gutters and downspouts only by the doors where it is needed.

We are using brown gutters to match the soffits on the house.  Our "new" front door area was too long for a one piece gutter from Lowe's or Home Depot.  Lucky for us we found a local aluminum place that makes gutters in any length.

Mike works on the first gutter by cutting out a hole for the downspout:

He found a new way to make a nice cut.  Using a hole saw he made two round cuts which made a clean opening for the gutter adapter:

Siliconing the end caps.  And yes the boat is still in the garage.

I held one end of the gutter up until Mike got a few screws in.  Now he is working on the downspout:

The front door almost complete:

Now for our "new" back door.  Lucky Mike has something to stand on:

Downspout is in place:

Using the cut off wheel to cut down a downspout piece:

The smallest gutter needed for over the kitchen door.  Mike is finished:)

Yay…the day we have been waiting for.  The counters for the kitchen are getting installed.  I am actually more excited about a sink being back in the kitchen, lol.

Three of the workers getting ready to carry the granite in:

Two pieces are in place:

I am very happy that there is only one seam and it is a small one.  Thankfully they were able to make the cut at the sink.  This is a suction/vacuum type tool which pulls the seam together so it can be glued/bonded:

It's starting to look like a kitchen:)

After the granite was installed Mike did the plumbing for my sink and I now have a functioning kitchen.  I am so happy about that.

That's a lot of counter space.  We need to get the counter stools that we left in TN.

Sure now I have all this counter space and I am the type who doesn't like things "out" on top of the counter, lol.  

The kitchen is finished outside of some window treatments…but that is enough for now.

I hope you enjoyed this quick update and I will post again next Monday.



  1. Lisa - it is beautiful! .... and ... just my opinion, but you can never have too much counter space. LOL! I am enjoying this journey with you!

    1. Thank you so much. I seem to already be spreading out on the counter, lol.

  2. Ahh, the Domestic Goddess is back in business. What will you make first?

    1. Ha, ha…you made me chuckle. I have a turkey defrosting right now.:)

  3. Very nice! Lucky you.
    Are you going to sell the house in TN?

    1. Thank you. Actually for the first time Mike and I are kind of confused about the future. When you are confused it's best to let things stay the same. We are not selling anything…right now, lol.

  4. I have visions of candy making & cookies cooling on those countertops. Oh the noodles drying the possibilities are endless. LOL Tell Mike nice job on the gutters too. I bet you know who would be very happy to ride her bike down & bring those bar stools to y'all. Jax

    1. You can come and help me anytime…or just sit back with Mike and let me spoil you. I love to spoil with food:)

      Ella is very excited about the purple room:) The kids are supposed to be coming down in March. Nicole is busy with projects, she is just like Mike, and the kids are busy with school and friends.

  5. Once again, message was lost in would think that as often as I comment, I'd be good at it by now...LOL!!
    I agree that the counters look great....and while you may feel that you have plenty, you're bound to have a change of heart before to long...LOL!!!
    Very cool machine they used to pull those counter-tops together for gluing.

    And when I started reading about the water damage and gutters, I wondered why you didn't go with the tried and true method used here in the south....the deflector! A piece of sheet-metal that is bent to an 90-degree angle and slid up under the lower shingles over the doorway, to deflect the water to the sides....much less expensive.. But, seeing the job that Mike did (and not surprising) and how good that turned out, I'm glad you did what you did.
    Did you paint those gutters and down-spouts, or did they sell that color? Sure do look great!

    I came up empty on this episode of "Where's Niki"........though the boat looked nice in the garage....

    1. Cool right? As you know I love machines:)

      We didn't know the exact start point of the water coming in. There is no really peak or valley on the roof. We think the rain came off the roof in buckets and was blown in by the wind(??) Either way we wanted to cover all bases. So far the gutters are working…but we do have to clean them once a week. Lots of wind here. They sold the brown at Home Depot but not Lowe's.

      Aww…sorry. Niki has been out working with us this week and she is exhausted, lol. I'll post her passed out on Monday:)

  6. That kitchen is my ideal. I love that there is lots of windows, creating lots of light. The house is really nice. Are you all deciding its maybe not the final place ? Was there ever any resolution regarding Mike's health ? I think maybe too many questions...... But, here's another one. Are you all still liking the Fl place ? Good luck in whatever you do. It's wonderful to watch others accomplish something. lol.


    1. This kitchen needs the windows. With all of our Oak trees there is a lot of shade around the house, which will be great comes summer time:)

      Ha…we have no idea where the future lies. Right now we are taking it one day at a time. Thanks for asking about Mike. He is healthy and with no problems, knock on wood:)

      We do still love it here…heck we haven't even had time to explore and just have fun yet. I'll let you know how I like it after the heat sets in, lol.

  7. Love the kitchen!!!!! You are doing great and I can't wait for the before and after pictures! Have you had any problems with the gators coming on the property?


    1. Thank you. No we haven't seen the gator since October.:)