Monday, January 19, 2015

Getting The Boat House Ready, The Stone Yard, Floor Trim, Some Decorating & More

Hello everyone.  Mike and I have been busy trying to get the last of the decorator type things.  It has not been fun.  Oh well…at least we like the working on the house stuff:)  It can't all be fun and games, lol.

Our neighbor gave us some straps for the boat house.  The straps are used to lift the boat out of the water on a winch.  Mike needs to fix the ends and add the heavy duty hooks:

Maybe we can finally get the boat in the water:

Mike cleaned and greased the motor that will lift the boat.  Apparently this boat house was added and never used:

And the straps are on.  Now we need to get some life jackets and we can get the boat in the water:)

Now that we have the kitchen cabinets are installed it's time to look for a countertop.  There is a stone yard for us to visit.  If we don't find a slab here than I will go with the laminate that Nicole went with.  

Hmm…another thing learned today.  The stone yard is big but they are not the fabricator.  I did find a fabricator who is highly recommended and he sent us to the stone place.  Sadly Mike and I don't like the ways things are run at the stone place.  It looks like they have hundreds of slabs…well they don't.  Mike and I picked out a beautiful piece only to find it has been sold.  We found another one, it was sold.  Then a third one…yup…it was sold.  Ugh…they should move the slabs once they have been sold.  Their problem with that is they don't take a deposit on the held pieces of granite….seriously.  A couple of the pieces they were holding had been reserved for more than 30 days.  Mike offered to pay for it right then and there but they don't do that.  Grr!!!  If we had known that we could have picked one out months ago.  Oh well…we got a nice one just not out first 3 choices.

The fabricator came to make our templates:

All the pieces are done…now we have to wait for the install.  At least we are on the list:)

One mistake we did make was putting the electric for the dishwasher too high in the sink base.  It's an easy enough fix, we just wished we thought of that before Mike did such a nice job.  Mike is cutting it out so he can move it lower in the cabinet:

I ordered our cabinet knobs from the same woman I have been ordering them for years.  Mike and I like these birdcage knobs because they are not in your face and they don't look like the dreaded Christmas tree, lol.(That happens when you have too many silver knobs on too many cabinets and drawers)

And moving on.  Mike is measuring and working on floor trim while I start painting the dining room:

We are trying the the large floor trim for the first time.  I get to do my usual first coat of paint:

Mike installing the trim after it has been cut down:

After it was all installed, Mike caulked it all in and then I repainted the nail holes:

Next up…change out the light in the dining room.  Oh yeah….we had a heck of a time finding a light.  We wanted one that faced down and also not one that was too big.  What is with all the light bulbs in once fixture.  Oh and we also needed a chain light because the electrical is not centered in the room….imagine that, lol.

Mike goes fishing.  Kidding.  This is the best way for us to find out where the hook has to go for the swag in our chain.  Using the fishing pole and a weighted line we can determine where the center of the table meets the ceiling.

Mike getting ready to fix with the electrical:

This house is an electrical nightmare:

It's pulling together.  Now we need a picture and maybe some drapes to block the summer sun.

Now for my hand at something different.  Mike has been making fun of me, in a loving way, about me trying my hand at decorating.  I have always loved bedrooms with plum/purple and gray.  Since Mike wouldn't like it in our room, I decided to try it in the spare bedroom.  I found a comforter first and matched one of the plums in to a paint color.  I decided to only do one wall in the purple in case it was too much…I know I'm a chicken, lol. 

I painted the wall and thought…uh oh.  Surprisingly Mike said it wasn't bad.  Go figure, lol.

Next up the gray.  I did go a little lighter than the comforter on that color.

It is different but I really like it.  It is very neat and clean.  The room needs more stuff though because it is so big.

That's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed out update.  This Wednesday is our countertop day.  I am so excited to have a working kitchen again:).

Have a great week and I will post again next Monday.



  1. I don't care what Mike says, you have talent! That bedroom looks great! A great choice of colors....very regal looking.

    Also love the color of the walls in the dining room, and how the brick walls look when painted. The large baseboard looks great! Most folks might have painted them the same color as the walls, to make them 'disappear', but the white makes them stand out, and look GREAT! Now you just need to come up with something to put on that wall behind the table......maybe some giant fish that Mike catches, once he gets out in the boat.

    Speaking of those fire hoses (I guess that is what the boat will rest on) have enough weight, to sink below the water? I figured you might need to put something heavier in them, such as chain, so that they would sink below water, so the boat would glide over them before lifting. Maybe with the cable, it's heavy enough.
    Please post some photos when the boat goes into the water and into the boathouse. I'm just curious,
    Also wondering when the boat is actually going into the water? Are we going to have a race, to see who gets their boat into the water first...I am hoping another 8-10 days (weather permitting) for me to get home and change out the wheel bearings on the trailer.

    All the work on the house has really inspired me.....keep it coming!!!

    1. Aww…thank you. I ma learning that the worst that can happen is I hate the color and I have to repaint, lol. The bas thing about colors is now I find everything else bland.

      When the straps get wet they sink in the water. Mike says there are also weights on the cable. Hmm…you may beat us. Now Mike wants to make some kind of boat ramp on the property. I hope we don't bang up the boat…shh!!!

      Thank you for posting.

  2. Great job on the bedroom! I am not a purple lover, but what you did made me actually think about. (I'm a big lover of blue and grey).

    It's coming together and I love what you have done so far, I'm real excited about the kitchen reveal. The big base board was perfect for the size of the house and the larger rooms.

    I'm with PapPappy, I want to see the boat in the water!


    1. Thank you. I can that…purple can be a bit much but still one of my favorites. That's why i only did the one wall….just in case, lol.

      I didn't like the big base board at first but now I do:) I also like the contrast. I always like a nice clean white trim on things:)

      Life jackets will be here today:)….and countertop will be here this morning. It's going to be a great day:):)

  3. I loved the bedroom and the DR so much. Keep it up.


    1. Thank you. We are almost ready to move outside.:)