Monday, January 12, 2015

Some New Furniture and Installing Kitchen Cabinets with Electrical

Just as we finished up the assembly on the cabinets we got our furniture delivery.  It was really hard finding furniture we liked.  Same old story right, lol.  We lucked out and the one store out of about 12 that we went to we found some furniture that we liked.  At the same time we would like to try our hands at a little bit of color/decorating.  Oh this should be interesting, lol.

We bought an area rug for the dining room:

Mike picked out a sofa table that he said would go great with a picture we bought a few weeks back:

Not bad….Nicole hates the bird picture, lol:

The only pieces so far for the living room.  This room needs work but we have to figure out how to lay it out first:

I love the way this is turning out.  We still need to pant and change the light fixture in here:

The spare bedroom set.  We thought about going light/white but it would have looked bad with the white blinds.  So we are back to dark furniture.

And the dresser.  They have gotten really high.

This is my room to play with:).  I will be trying some new decor and colors.  Mike is not so sure about it. I told him…we can always close the door, lol.

OK…back to the kitchen cabinets.  Mike uses the clamps the squeeze the cabinets together so he can screw them together for a tight fit:

Getting the uppers screwed in.  It's sad that we had to build the cabinets with the face fronts and doors only to take off the doors to install them on the wall.  It makes them lighter for us to handle.

Because of our layout we had to get a 30 inch cabinet for the sink base.  Since a 30" did not come in a sink base only a regular base it needs some modifications.  This does not have an open back like sink bases do so Mike cuts the holes for the plumbing:

Also since we cannot get electrical through the walls in the house we will have to run it through the cabinets for the dishwasher:

The wires are in…time to clean it up:

Getting the dishwasher wiring hooked up:

Cutting the box out for the electric in the island:

Getting ready to drill in some supports for the island:

Pilot holes into the concrete so Mike can screw in the 2x4's:

Screwing the two island cabinets together so they are one big unit:

Nailing the cabinet to the 2x4 underneath…and the hole for the outlet:

Cleaning up the wire by putting it a tube and hooking up the island electric:

Yay…the island electric is on:

Cleaning up the electric in the wall and over to the dishwasher:

Since we have a regular base cabinet as our sink base Mike has to screw in the drawer fronts:

All finished:

Time for the blind cabinet:

Mike screws the fillers into each of the corner cabinets. Since we have so many cabinets we decided we didn't really need another one in the corner:

We are keeping the microwave that was here.  In doing so we have to get the brackets and microwave installed without a template:

The cabinets are in:

It's a bit odd with all the windows but I think it came out well:

Don't you love my cardboard counters, lol?

This is going to be a nice island once we get the real countertops:

It's nice to be getting to the finishing stages.  Only a few more stories on the inside then we will start with the outside work.

Have a great week and I will write again on Monday.



  1. Re your drawer fronts at the sink. They make hinges and little pocket storages boxes that fit the drawer fronts. They are perfect to store dish sponges, brushes and scrubbers. They just flip down for access.

    1. I have seen those. I may think about something like that after we get the sink in:) Thanks.

  2. Nancy beat me to it. Those false draws look and work great. I put them in our bathroom vanity too.

    The cabinets look GREAT! All those extra windows really need those darker cabinets. I also love the carpet in the dining room, and the table/chairs look like they are out of some magazine.....I'd be afraid to use them...LOL!!

    I've begun to play a new game..."Where's Niki".....searching the photos for those pictures where she pops into the pictures....I count 3 of them. :-)

    Tell Nicole that the picture of the Egrets may not be good up in TN, but it's very appropriate on the lake in Florida...and Mike is right, that table looks great with the picture. Something you might want to consider....painting that HVAC Filter return with a color matching the walls, so that it's contrasting so much.

    I'm expecting to see this place in the Lowe's or Home Depot magazine one of these days. Heck, you give them enough business. :-)

    1. Ha, ha…I haven't used the table yet. It is meant to be used though.:) just not until my kitchen is complete and i get Mike and his TV out of our bedroom, lol.

      Yes I love all the windows but I've never seen a kitchen with so many breaks in cabinets because of the windows.

      I like the Egrets:) and we do have them in our yard here…so yes very appropriate. We will paint the return….actually that whole area is changed now. Don't ask, lol.

      Oh yeah…we should be treated like a king and queen at Lowe's and HD:)

    2. Ha, ha…where's Niki instead of Waldo.

    3. Pappy, I like your idea of painting the return vent. It really stands out and takes away from the table and picture, which I also like for the FL house. Sorry Nicole..... ;-)

  3. Looks great Mike and Lisa. Love the huge kitchen!

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to play in the new kitchen…soon:)

  4. Your kitchen is looking 'sharp' there Mike!
    Cant wait to see what you do for the rest of the house :)
    I wish you well...


  5. Love the kitchen! I can't wait to see it when you have the countertops on. All of it is coming together so nicely.