Monday, February 2, 2015

Outside Work, Building A Boat Ramp and Getting The Boat In The Water

Hello everyone.  I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying my kitchen very much:)

Now for some more work.  Finally we can do some outside work.  Mike wants to build a boat ramp so we don't have to drive around the lake to put the boat in the water.  We are going to break up the "too high" brick gardens and use that plus the dirt/mulch to make the ramp.

Breaking up some concrete that we found on the property and throwing it onto the edge of the water:

Using dirt and mulch to make a slope:

We need to keep working on that and drive over to to pack it down.  For now we need to clean up the mess of gardens.

Breaking out the brick that is too high and too shallow for a garden.  Mike takes the high dirt to the ramp area:

Adding more broken brick:

Cleaning up the piles of mulch.  We hate mulch.  It is a big mess:

Mike breaks the brick while I wheel the mulch into a big pile out back:

Taking more dirt out that we need to use at the other side of the house:

Getting it cleaned up:

Very cool…we saw some white pelicans.  We have never seen those before:

This is where we need the extra dirt as the existing garden is very un level:

Niki supervising:

Some of the debris we get after it gets windy here.  It looks like we will constantly be cleaning up the yard:

More brick for the ramp:

Raking down one section as we get ready for the sod:

Poor Niki stayed outside with us today.  She is exhausted, lol:

Mike wants to test out the "unfinished" ramp to see if we can get the boat in.  He drives the trailer in the see what will happen.  Yes this was intentional, lol.

Time to see what happens:

At this point I grab the rope to hold onto the boat as Mike pulls backwards.  Once it is in deep enough we hop it will float off the trailer:

Woo hoo…we are in:)

The new home for our boat.  It is on the straps and out of the water:

We want to finish up one more job on the inside of the house and I will post pictures of that.  For now we will be outside.  The sod is supposed to be here tomorrow so it's time to clean things up.

I hope you enjoyed this update and I will post again on Monday.



  1. Looking good!!!!

    Deb Cheever

  2. I understand nothing about boats, so I don't know why you and Mike couldn't just push it, toss it, in without doing the whole boat ramp thing, but I guess there is a reason? Anyway, I'm glad the boat is in business.

    1. The boat is too heavy for that. You can do that with canoes, kayaks, rafts and row boats but not motorized boats.

  3. Well, I saw Niki 4 times....LOL!!
    Glad to see the boat in the water.....then out of the water, LOL!! I lose that bet. I did get my wheel bearing repaired (had to replace the entire hub), but the weather was nasty, so the boat is still on it's trailer, and I head north for 2 weeks.

    Were you thinking of replacing the brick edging with that seamless concrete that you did the other houses with?
    Are these going to be flower beds, or are you going to go with some sort of plants/shrubs?

    Looking good.....just wish we didn't have to wait an entire week for the updates!!

    1. Finally and you are right behind us:)

      We will do curbing on the section of house you see from the driveway. The rest will get grass. Less maintenance.

  4. Love seeing your boat in the water and hope you have been able to enjoy it a bit. That moss sure can be messy when it falls out of the trees, but looks sooo southern in the trees:) I was wondering about the curbing around your flower/shrub beds too. I really like the look of that. Did you get any bananas out of the trees yet?


    1. I love the moss in the trees…hate it when it falls, lol. Yes we will do a small amount of curbing. We should be able to get plants within the next month or so.

      There are still two bunches of bananas on the trees. They haven't grown. I think I may have Mike help me cut down the bigger bunch and see what happens. They are fat but short.