Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Electric Over To The Kitchen Island

Hello everyone.  I hope you are having a good week.

Mike and I are in wait mode so we have been cleaning up and doing yard work.  Our flooring is supposed to be in by Saturday and we are still waiting on our cabinet ship date for the kitchen.

In the meantime we had to get electric to the spot for the kitchen island.  This is a dusty dusty job…so full armor for this, lol.

Mike sets up the vacuum for me.  I will follow behind while he uses the blade on the concrete floor:

He cuts two lines about 3 inches deep and 3 inches wide:

Now it's time to chisel out the middle.  There has to be enough room to fit a pipe and electric in the ground.  Niki looks thrilled, lol.

Mike using the hand chisel and hammer…I am the clean up crew:)

Once the hole is cut out and cleaned it's time to fit the pipe in.  Mike checks the size for the angled ends:

After the ends are glued I help him push the electric wire through:

Once the pipe is in the ground we fill the hole with hydraulic cement:

Now it has to cure.  We are now set up for electric to the island.:)

On a good note….that is the last of the messy jobs for what we want to finish now.  We are getting very close to the final clean up and dress up.  Yay…no more dust.

I know it was short but you are all catching up to us.  Hopefully we can get some flooring down this weekend and I can show you the color we painted:)

I need some ideas:)  You know we have that big built in so what do we put in it?  Mike and I don't like clutter so we are thinking one or two things per shelf.  I'm sure we will also do something with pictures.  I don't have that many hardcover books and I really don't want to put paperbacks up there.  So I sill most likely only have one shelf for books.

Where do you buy things like that?

We also have a lot of pinecones here. Maybe I can do something fun with those and not too tacky

Have a great weekend and I will write again on Monday.



  1. "we are thinking one or two thongs per shelf" That would be intersting... :)

    1. Ha, ha….I better change that. Or wait and see if anyone else catches it. lol.

    2. So that is how it is done, I really wondered how people got sinks, etc on their islands:)

      Wait for your finishing touches until you have furniture in there so it will look neat and coordinated. You can find wonderful little touches at Big Lots, Target, Walmart, and thrift or second hand stores. You have beautiful pictures that you take, frame them. Get vases, candle holders, use a few books laying down so the seam with the book title shows. Have a few family pictures too. It's pretty easy, just look for things that are what you two like.

      Now how is this for observant, I never noticed you said thongs.


    3. Sinks are harder because you also need a drain. Electric can either go in the floor or a pole can be added next to the Island. We have done that before also as long as it blended in.

      Oh thank you so much for the ideas. It sounds so easy. Do you want to come and shop for us, lol?

      I may have fixed the thong by the time you read it. When Kevin posted it I was thinking of all different colored thongs to display…not, lol.

  2. Paperbacks or not, I'd still put books up there :-)
    (I have a 25 foot long wall that has a floor to ceiling oak bookcase.)


    1. I may still do that, lol. Just think…I can go crazy at the yard sales now:):) Wow…have you read all of those books? That's your own library…very cool. Maybe I can come visit.

  3. I would also recommend the yard sales for books....and sometimes the library will sell some of their overstock.
    The suggestion for picture frames on the selves is great, since you really will want to bring a bit of TN down to the of the family are always a plus, since they are always doing something.....
    I guess you could start a collection of figurines (Pugs come to mind..ha ha!), antique bottles, beer cans (LOL!), or anything that peaks your interest. We have a nice collection of Tea Pots that Claudia collected for about 3 months...LOL!!

    How come you didn't put Niki's paw prints in the concrete...LOL!!
    I hope you placed a chair or something over the exposed wire/tube, so you don't trip over it at night! Safety First!

    1. I always buy books from yard sales and book sales. I love to read.

      I'm sure we could dig a few pictures up from somewhere, lol.

      Ha, ha…Ella collects miniature tea pots.