Monday, December 8, 2014

Front Door Glass, Spray Texturing Walls, And Swirl Texturing

Good morning.  Mike and I are moving right along.  We got the glass for the sides of the front door.

Mike cuts them down to size and then gives them a coat of spray paint before we install them because they had an ink sku # on them:

Next we measured on the window sill where the trim to hold the glass needs to be.  Mike nails in the outside trim first:

After the trim is up Mike adds silicone around the inside of the trim.  Then I hold the glass in place while Mike gets two temporary screws in place with cardboard to protect the glass.  Once the silicone dries we will add the inside trim…we also need more trim, lol.

Mike works on the bottom section:

And the other side:

Finishing up the glass with the interior trim.  Now we just have to figure out what to add to the windows.  Blinds are not the prettiest but it would give us the option of privacy and also let the views and light in when we want it.  Or something prettier like cellular shades.  And what color?  Yeah all those fun decorating choices that Mike and I don't like.  It just means more shopping, ugh!!

And now onto the next project….finishing up the walls since we are done with the sanding:):)

We need to try and match the existing ceiling and walls in the house.  The walls have a basic texture that we are going to try to duplicate.

Mike mixes the compound mix with some water.  We need it to be the consistency of cake batter to use in the hopper gun:

I pour it into the hooper for Mike and then I hold cardboard up while he sprays close to things we don't want sprayed.  Although many times Mike ends up spraying me, lol.

Spraying the hallway:

Texturing the kitchen wall:

And the bay window area:

Might as well hit the ugly kitchen wall while we are at it:

Now it has to dry and when it does some of the texture itself will shrink.  Hopefully we have a good match.  So far it looks good.  This is also a quick solution if you have ugly walls or bad drywall work.  You can control the amount of texture you add to the walls with the different nozzles.

After the texture dries we start painting with primer.

Mike rolls the ceiling:

And I am the cut in queen:

We started in the hallway, moved to the living room, and this is the only wall we can do in the kitchen for now.  We still have some repair work to do and the other wall where the sink is.

The kitchen ceiling does not match the rest of the house.  The houses Mike and I have done in the past had popcorn ceilings.  This was has a swirl ceiling which we have not seen before.  Originally we were going to call in someone to do the texturing and swirls for us.  Then Mike thought it might be a job I can do…kind of like the insulation, lol.

I checked into it and found this site:

Then I tried to find the perlite with no success.  I finally found a small container of sand texture to try:
Roll On Sand Texture

Next I had trouble finding the brush so I ended up using a round brush from the Drywall department.  BTW, if you try this yourself do not get the brush from Home Depot.  That one shed like crazy.  Use the Kobalt texture brush:

After all of that Mike and I still weren't sure if the ceiling in the living room had sand or not.  I decided to try the compound mix with the added water first.  If it doesn't look right I can always scrape it off and start again.  We made it a little looser than cake batter and I started.

I used a small roller and dipped it into the bucket.  Then I started rollin the gunk on the ceiling.  I rolled a small section at time and rerolled to make it thinker(you can also dip the brush directly into the bucket for a thicker texture):

Then I took my swirly brush and went to town.  See the smoke coming out, lol.

When the swirly brush gets too full of gunk I just scrape it off on my bucket and go again.  If you leave the brush full of the compound mix it will leave small hunks on the ceiling.  You can also swirl the opposite way to get rid of the hunks while it is still wet.  Sadly i didn't learn this until I was in the last row of the kitchen, lol.  Oh well…we will knock them off before painting.

Mike says I did a good job…I just think he doesn't want to do it…ha, ha.

On a good note I didn't need to use the bucket with the sand which cost a lot more than the regular compound:)  I did get the ceiling finished in two rounds.  It is a pretty easy job and something that I could be good at…if needed, lol.

Next up…everything has to dry and then we can get started on the painting.

I hope you all have a great week and I will post again soon.  If not on Thursday then it will be next Monday.  It just depends how things pan out for us this week.

Have a great week.



  1. An old trick that I'm a bit surprised that Mike didn't do......trial painting on a wall that doesn't matter much....usually a closet, but that kitchen would have been perfect to perfect the texture painting.
    Also a bit surprised not to see a drop cloth on the floor by the bay window, when Mike was spraying the texture to that area. I'm guessing you don't care about the floor, and plan to cover it eventually.

    You did a great job on that ceiling "swirl"...and I admire you taking that project on. I guess the plan was, 'If it doesn't work, you could always call in the Pro'....but after all these projects, you guys are the Pros.

    Can't wait until next Monday...please post something sooner....even if it's just pictures of Mike finally getting the boat into the water!
    On a personal note...I just bought a 14' boat with 15-HP motor & it home, and found that the bearing on one wheel was bad, and completely blew apart...sigh! Got myself a project! LOL!!

    1. Mike is always in too much of a hurry to try it that way, lol. He wants to get the material up off the floor and not go back. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm big at reading instructions…Mike is not. The spray texture is just joint compound so it wipes right off the floor…unless it is wood.

      Thanks. I tried it and it is pretty easy. My swirls are a little smaller than the living room swirls but no one will notice…well maybe now they will, lol. As long as the same person does the whole pattern it will match.

      Congrats on the boat….sorry about the headache. Have fun with your project.:)

  2. Oops forgot....The windows look great. I think that I would go with vertical blinds to cover them for privacy.
    If you can get the type that open in the middle (vs. one end), you could cover the entire opening, then just close them to the door...rather than getting two separate sets.
    We used them on sliders here, and they were very nice, but then our biggest problem was the dogs chewing on the bottoms, but I doubt that Miss Niki would give you any problems. :-)

    1. I think the verticals would be too bulky for that spot.

      Thankfully doesn't chew anything:)