Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Little Outside Work and Some More Drywall

Good morning everyone.  It's time for another update in the Mike and Lisa world…and Niki too:)

Before I start I wanted to share some comments we got from our last post.  We love hearing all of your comments, ideas and suggestions:)

bridgerider-"Love how efficient you both are at so many different tasks!  That tile you're trying to get off reminds me of the tile in my grade school bathrooms.  Good luck with that - can't wait to see what your creativity brings out!"

Thank you.  Funny…I saw the color of paint underneath the wall color.  It is that pastel blue that reminded me of the walls in my elementary school.  Remember those pale yellow, pink, blue and green walls from school?

Ultrarunner-"Out of everything I admire from following your projects... one thing stands out the most.

You and Mike are a team and think nothing of rolling up your sleeves and getting it done.

Had a teacher once that said nothing happens until something moves... baby steps or big steps... just keep stepping!"

Smart teacher.  Nothing gets done if you don't move;)


Yeah, I said it! You're making the rest of us look bad :eek:!!! Cut that out!!! Every time I look at the pics I wonder how you two know so much about so many different aspects of building/remodeling a home? I've never seen so much talent before.  Normally the folks that I've known or met in construction specialize in one or two trades. But not you two show-offs. Hehehe....LOL. Okay, carry on. I just had to get that off my chest."

Ha…aww…you're nice.  We are very lucky that Mike knows so much.  I have learned a lot but still tag along for the ride most of the time;)  We do work well together and Mike likes it that I just jump in with him and don't wait for direction.

I think Mike wants to see how much we can get done without any help this time;)

And now for today's update…...

When we get tired of the inside work we pop outside for a change of pace, lol.  We got rid of the plants that were here and I started taking up the mulch.  After I shoveled up about 5 buckets I realized that I should probably keep the rest in case it rains.  Without any gutters on the house any rain that hits the dirt will just splash back on the house.  Eventually Mike and I plan on adding pavers here for the new entrance area.

Raking the mulch back over the dirt:

Time to take these plants out.  We offered the plants to our neighbors but so far no one has come to get them:

I got most of them out.  Thankfully these are easy to get out:)

Cleaned up for now.  This section will eventually be our new parking area for the new driveway:

OK time to get back inside.  Mike and I have made numerous trips to Lowes and Home Depot for supplies.  Hopefully this is the last of the drywall.

It's time to work on the bay window area.  Someone had mentioned taking the whole thing out which I think would be just about impossible with the way this house is built.  So we are doing what we think is the next best thing.  Make it look better:)

Mike lays out a piece of drywall to get the angle measurements:

Getting the angles measured.  I'm so glad Mike is good at this.  I would be turning things over and over or I would have to get a piece of paper to make a template.  I am not mechanical at all, lol.

So while Mike works on that I start some drywall patching.  This kitchen wall is ugly….I know it will be covered with cabinets but I can't stand knowing how bad it is.  I sanded it down first and then I mixed up some of the powdered compound mix and get busy covering the ugly and bumpy:

After I worked on the kitchen wall I walked around and filled in whatever needed filling:

Mike has the cuts finished.  Now it's time to get the drywall on the old bathroom tile.  He adds the adhesive:

The fist piece is up.  Time to pre drill some holes and get a few screws in:

Gluing the top:

And fitting in the last piece….ah much better:)

I have moved onto the ugly work…sanding:

And the clean up…I cannot wait until the messy jobs are over with:

Mike adding another strip of drywall in the hallway:

And adding drywall compound to the new bay window area:

Corner bead going on:

I know…this was not overly exciting but that's how some parts of remodeling goes, lol.  There are a lot of tedious jobs to make the whole job complete.

That's all for now.  Mike and I need to go shopping today for some finished products:)

Have a great weekend and I will post again on Monday.



  1. You two must have unbelievable imaginations! I'm always in awe at how you're able to see a desired result in among all those jobs to be done to get it the way you want it to be. I look at all the work, the tasks to be done and I find it almost impossible to see a remodel in there somewhere. There must be a good reason that we're not all rehab people. I'll just have to be content to read your updates and see the pictures.

    1. Lily…I am so sorry it took me so long to reply. It is good to see you dear lady.:) We have imaginations when it comes to houses…and sometimes a lot of talks, lol.

      I'm glad you are enjoying the show.

  2. That bay window got the much need love that it was crying out for, I love that part of the house! Are you thinking pillows and comfy or bare and beautiful in the finished state?


    1. We have no idea yet. We need to buy furniture and lots of things for the shelves in that room. After we decide on the basics we will ask for help, lol.

  3. I don't know why, but sometimes when I write out a comment, it won't go through....and since we have to wait to see if it actually posts, we wait....and then nothing?
    So, I'll try again....
    You are fortunate that the Pampas Plants are coming out easily....Ours are much bigger, and have a lot more roots. Having them near the house isn't really all that good anyway, so moving them away (to a neighbors....LOL!!) is a good idea. I would move the others out into the yard, where they look nice, but won't require as much maintenance. They are a real pain in the butt to cut down each fall...but look very nice when they are sprouting the fons or whatever they are called.

    I think I mentioned it before, but I still suggest you look into getting one of those vacuum cleaner attachment sanding pad hook the shop-vac hose to the hand tool, and then sand the works great, and has a lot less dust around the could avoid having to wear that mask.

    The window seat looks good, but I think I would have put wood (flooring maybe) on the seat, since it would hold up longer than the sheetrock.

    Hopefully, you'll get this.....

    1. I wondered what happened to you. I have no idea how Blogger does things.

      Yes I am very happy the plants are coming out easy. We do a batch a week. Still no one has showed up to take them.

      Nicole bought one of those to use when she stating taking the strips off her walls. She does it once and buys the tool…Mike and I do it multiple times and don't, lol. I will check into it before we do the garage. It looks like Mike and I are going to do that on our own.

      I have no idea what we will do with the bay window area. I do plan on getting a small Christmas tree to put there next December:)