Monday, May 13, 2013

Chapter 148...Cutting Wood And A Little Bit Of This And That

Good morning!!!  It's time for Mike and I to clean up our back hill and at the same time get wood for next winter.  I love when one job equals two:)  We will be able to get wood from our back hill for a very long time without cutting a single tree down.

First a few pictures of the Mike and Lisa world.

Here are the baby cute:)

We also got a call from our camping/Ohio friends.  They will be coming for lunch so Mike and I want to get cleaned up for them:)  We start at the top of the drive and work our way down.  Mike uses the blower while I use a flat shovel to clean up our driveway.

Moving right along.  It is much easier to clean since the cows can't go on it.

Fast forward a couple of days:) and Mike digs a hole in our front yard.  Since we put the solar panels in the back and close to where my old clothesline was we had to move the clothesline:

We saved the old concrete block that used to hold my clothesline in place.  We will try to reuse it.  Mike stomps it into the hole:

And tamps it down on the edges with our trusty metal bar. 

Mike gets the clothes line in.  It will be so much nicer having it closer to the house:)

Now it's time for the fun stuff.  We didn't cut enough wood last year so we want to get a good start for next year.  We have a ton of wood all over the property that is already down.  It just needs to be cut and hauled to our racks.  Sometimes that is the hard part.  Luckily the hill behind our house is pretty easy to get to.

Our goal today is to cut one big tree.  Mike starts at the top of it:

Moving up the tree towards the trunk:

While Mike uses the chainsaw to cut I start throwing/rolling the logs down the hill.  The bigger ones make it almost to the back fence while the smaller ones take a few throws before they get to the bottom.  It's a mess:

I am getting the logs closer to the back yard.  On a side note....Mike and I are easily entertained, lol.  We will watch some of the bigger logs roll to see where they will end up.  Usually right before the bottom the logs will turn away from my garden..but not always...Ugh!!

Mike making his way to the trunk.  This is a big tree:

Almost all cleaned up for the day.  Oops looks like one log hit my garden:

Thankfully I didn't have plants growing in that section yet:)

The next day we get ready to tackle a new tree.  Before we start I put boards behind my garden to protect it from flying logs.

The logs from yesterday:

Mike starting on a larger tree which is up higher than the last tree:

There I am throwing logs down the hill:

Mike keeps cutting:

We are doing good.  I have to use the pry bar to help lift the tree so Mike can cut the logs.  We move up the tree together to get the logs cut.  Once a few get cut we take a break from that and start throwing the logs down the hill:

This time we were higher up and the logs were bigger so they rolled much faster which was not a good thing for my garden.  Mike finishing with the cutting:

My poor garden.  Looks like the boards didn't help:

We did get quite a bit of wood though so that is good:)

The boards didn't work:

We are done on the back hill.  Now it's time to clean up and Niki can help:

Mike and I get the log splitter out and set it up.  I will split the logs while Mike hauls the split logs down to the wood rack in front of the house.  His first trip down he lost the load of logs.  Guess he will have to strap them on tighter:)

Mike loading the logs onto our rack:

We got the front rack full and have no place to put the rest of the logs.  Time to build a new rack.  We are using two 4x4 posts on the ground to hold the logs and we will use a 4x4 post on each end standing up to keep the logs on the rack.  Mike is making sure our vertical post is level:

Me using the post hole diggers for the second post:

Mike doing the finishing touches while Niki watches:)

The princess needs some shade:

We thought it would be easier to use the trailer for all the newly split logs.  It's pretty full:

Yay...the wood is split and the trailer is empty:

We filled the trailer again and added to the rack.  It is almost full.  Not bad for a couple of days work:)

This brings up almost us to date on what we have gotten done at the house.  Mike and I have been doing what we can this year but it doesn't seem like we are getting much done.  It's still all good as long as we keep moving forward and accomplishing things.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I will write again soon.


  1. Have you thought to invest in any exercise equipment....maybe a "stepper"...LOL!!!
    I'm really getting tired just reading these stories....and I chase my 3 year old Grandson all over the place!! :-)

    I'm guessing that you don't really use all that much firewood over the course of the winter, as the "in-ground" home are pretty efficient. I also know that you've been away from TN for a large part of the winter, but have you figured what you actually need in the way of firewood each season? You know, when you guys actually stay inside! LOL

    How are the new solar panels working out?

    1. I do have a manual treadmill:) It's collecting dust right now but it's great when it's really cold out.

      I don't know how much wood we use in cords but last year it was very cold and we used three of our racks and we ran out early. The house stays very toasty and is easy to maintain but some of the wood we had was very old and a little rotted. This year's wood looks much nicer so far. We actually just built another rack yesterday. I think we need about 5 or 6 full racks to get through a bad winter.

      The solar panels are great. They seem to be giving us more power than the last set up. Mike isn;t really sure why...maybe the higher surface area per panel?? Either way they are working great:) Something is gong on with one of the charge controllers. When Mike figures it out I will tell all, lol.

  2. I still laugh when I look at the many pictures of Niki when she is standing and staring at you....she almost seems like a stuffed toy, with those stiff legs....and you could imagine that she's just plopped into the photos.....same expression all the time...LOL!!
    I'm sure she's enjoying the nice weather, and that the driveway (absorbing the heat from the sun) is a nice play to lay down and relax!

    1. poor old girl, lol. She does move less and less each year but she still loves to be outside on nice days.

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