Monday, May 6, 2013

Chapter 145...Checking The Land After High Winds And Heavy Rain

Wow...we have had some really crazy weather this year.  Saturday Mike and I went to a wedding for a beautiful couple and they were very lucky.  Although the sun wasn't shining for them it didn't rain.

Yesterday the rain came in and all through the night it was very heavy and very windy.  Mike and I woke up this morning and decided to check for any damage.  We were mostly concerned about the walls we started on the store(that will be in another chapter).

The first thing we saw this morning was a "new" path of water coming down our side hill.  We could see this from our patio:

And now for the ride down our driveway.  When this area gets this much rain at one time there are many washouts and flooding.  This is why it is very bad when people cut the timber off their land.  There is nothing to stop the fast rushing water when it pours down the mountains and this can cause immense damage and road washouts.

Looking down the left side of our driveway.  Most of the water made it into the ditch.

Looking down the right side where Mike and I rocked the ditches.  Since the driveway doesn't have any damage I would say our curbs and rocked ditches did a great job.

Our top culvert is doing well:

Looking back up:

The water from the big side field coming into the rock area.

 Flowing down and going towards the pond:

Almost all of the "higher" water goes into the pond and then out and under the driveway and out the creek:

We did have some water go over the top of the pond wall.  I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened if the cows hadn't stomped the side dirt around the pond making it fall into the pond.  And on a good note...the wall is still holding:)

Flowing out the back side of the pond:

Then it runs under the driveway into a culvert and out to the creek that leaves our property:

Mike checking the gravel part of our drive:

The creek that leaves our property:

And that was the ride down our driveway:)

Our big culvert that we had the county put in:

It's doing it's job:

And out the other side:

From there Mike and I took a ride over to the store property.  Whew!!!  the walls are still standing and there is no flooding..yay.  Then we took a ride around the neighborhood.  A few trees are down and there is a lot of flooding in the low fields.

We drove by our grader's house and he lost about 40 feet of his carport due to high winds.  He is not happy about that.

Then off to the Farm Supply to check on them.  They told us they lost power for a short time last night, Mike and I wouldn't know about that:), but they had no damage.  The local kids also had off from school today.  Some of the area has washed out roads, bad flooding and trees down.

All and all the people are fine.  Mike and I are extremely relieved that all of our hard work at the house has paid off....oh and we got lucky on the store walls since they are not all up and the ones that were up were only braced.  I love not having to fix things:)...again!!!

Just another day dealing with Mother Nature.

We do have some apple trees starting to bloom:)

That's all for today.  If the rain stops for any length of time we will be outside building.

Have a great week and I will write again soon:)


  1. Even with all the rain, your land is so nice to look at! It must be a real treat not to have to worry about power outages... another example of all your hard work paying off.

    Stay dry!


    1. It is very nice but we also become a little detached up here. We have no clue what is going on outside our property. Sometimes that is a good thing, lol.

      Thank you. It is dry now:)

  2. Spectacular pics! You must be so proud of yourselves

    Deb Cheever


    1. Thank you. Mike and I are just really happy that "some" of our hard work paid off. Now that is a good feeling:)