Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Ready For A New Driveway and Patios

This is going to be an exciting day.  It's time to make things right on the outside of this house.  It only took 50 years but today is the day for a driveway up to the house and a couple of outdoor patios.  This job is too big for Mike and I to handle so we have to have a crew come in.  We will be happy for them to show up and so happy for them to leave, lol.

Framing out where the driveway will be:

Cutting up the grass:

The grass has to go before any concrete can be poured:

Up to our new front door:

Getting ready for a small patio and BBQ area outside the kitchen door:

Breaking up and taking out the old concrete:

Coming in with the bobcat to take the old grass out:

Dumping any old grass and old concrete in the dump truck:

Ready to level it with some fill dirt(sand):

Building the driveway up:

Cutting out the old concrete section for the old(original) garage doors:

Mike and I were going to rent a jack hammer and tear up the old walkway ourselves but once we heard the price for tearing it up and removing it we couldn't turn it down.  It would have taken Mike and I a few days and some real back breaking work considering how thick it was.  Gotta love those machines:)

The driveway is leveled out:

The walkway and new stoop is in place:

Working on the old small patio which was a bear of a job even with the bobcat:

That slab is a monster and Mike thought we could break it up…ha, ha:

They broke it in half and hauled it away:

The last piece:

Framing out for the new patio:

Getting rid of the walkway:

UGH…it is always a big mess before you can get it cleaned back up:

Bye bye…all the rip up is finished:

After two days work we are ready for the concrete:

It will be nice to be able to drive up to the house and not drive on the grass:

Hmm…looks like Mike and I need to order some sod:


Mike doing a little clean up before on the dusty mess:

Now we have to wait until tomorrow which is going to be a bog day.  The concrete trucks will be rolling in and the pumper will be onsite.  It is going to be so nice….and clean:)

I will show you the pictures of the concrete work next Monday.

Have a great week….



  1. Looking good! I can't wait to see the finished result! :)


  2. Cough cough achoo! I should have known you 2 were up to some kind of project. LOL Nice to see all 3 of you back. Big hugs, Jaxson

    1. Hugs back to you Jaxson:) Good to see you.

  3. It's gonna look great, but I'm wondering why you guys didn't figure in a "turn around" up near the house....a "T". so that you wouldn't have to back all the way back to the garage to turn around. Doesn't look as if it would have added a whole lot to the total cost of the projects.

    Looking forward to the next installment.....

    1. We talked about it but we didn't want that much concrete. Up at the house it is wide enough for 2 cars and then it tapers back to one lane wide.

  4. You know backing all that way out of a curving driveway will be a bit of challange? I would have put a area to back up and turn around in so I could head out.
    Either way it's really looking good. Thanks for the post.

    1. It's pretty short so not hard to do. If someone does have trouble they can always park in front of the garage:) Our mail lady and UPS driver have no trouble:):)

  5. No more "MIKE and LISA'S WORLD ????? .......... awwwwwwwww thats just not right!

    1. We have new things going on. I will finish up with Florida next week and continue back in Tennessee for the spring and summer:)

  6. have they gone north or south