Monday, February 16, 2015

Granite Surround and Finishing The Fireplace

Sorry for the delay.  Mike and I finally, after 4 months, made it to our favorite Florida Flea market:):)  Now for last week's accomplishments.

We ordered granite for the kitchen counters and also the fireplace at the same time.  Sadly the fireplace granite took 6 weeks to install.  I have no idea why but Mike and I are very happy that it is now finished:)

Bringing the granite into the living room:

Time to cover the last of the brick:)

They use big suction cups to hold the granite and silicone in place.

Mike helps them hold it:

After they got here, Mike says to the owner "you know you should have cut it out like a sink instead of using 5 pieces", lol.  Now he says something.

There is no more red brick showing in this house.  Time to bring it into the 2000's:)

Mike nails in the trim that I painted to cover in the small gaps:

The day that was installed I ordered a fireplace door for us.  Apparently the pictures don't show the true colors…so are crossing our fingers.  The choices were black which did not match anything, silver which was not really a silver, and an antique brass which is supposed to be like a brown.   We though brown would go best and we did not want another square thing in that spot.

Yay…it looks pretty good.  The color is a very dark brown but it is better than black:

Mike adds the insulation behind the doors:

Of course the brackets that came with it were not strong enough so Mike designed his own way to install it.  With my help we got the door in place and bolted in.

Mike works on the screen:

Another finishing touch to this house:

That was just a quick update.  It seems my pictures from last week have us all over the place doing different things.  I will organize what we did and post next Monday.

Have a great week:)



  1. Very pretty,I'm partial to old fashioned brick though

    1. Thanks Cheryl. That's OK, we all have different styles:). You know how U Mike and I feel about red brick, lol.

  2. I don't know if my post was lost again....but I'll try again...
    The fireplace looks great! What a difference...very stylish.
    I think that it was maybe a good thing that you guys didn't suggest a single piece for the fireplace. If they had cut it out like a sink, it would have been very, very heavy, and that would make it a bear to get into the house and into place (compared to the smaller pieces)....and you might also have an issue with the heat of the fireplace (if you actually use it), which might cause the stone to crack. I think there would be less chance of that happening with the smaller pieces.

    I spy 3 photos of Niki....I think she likes the fireplace too! LOL!!

    1. I don't know but I got it:)

      I'm not sure how a single piece of granite would have worked. You could be right. Either way it is up and it will not come down as long as Mike and I are here:)

      Niki does like the heat of a fireplace or wood stove:). She has been sunning outside with me while I read:)

  3. I love the look. The only thing I would probably have done would have been to raise the hearth. Just my own The rug is beautiful and really looks good in the room.

    Did you all go to Webster to the flea market ?


    1. Thank you.

      Yes we went to Webster. It still boggles my mind how a flea market that is only open on Mondays os so big and successful.

  4. It's all coming together. I bet you wake up and smile looking at how much it has changed.


    1. It is. Yes it is a nice feeling to know it is in tact now:)