Monday, November 10, 2014

Tearing Out A Laminate Floor and Adding Drywall To The Old Brick Wall

Since I have so many pictures, I will be posting on Mondays and Thursdays for now.  Today I will share our dining area floor and getting rid of the brick wall pictures:).

Mike and I want to make all floors, ceilings and walls uniform in the house.  Right now it's all mismatched like things were added on but not done the right way.  So Mike and I are going to fix what we can.

Here is an easy job…taking up the dining room floor.  Yes it is shiny and something we might have picked in the past but it is a cleaning nightmare…as you can see(that was just mopped):

Mike starts by taking out the trim:

I'm unlocking the floor:

This was some pretty cool floor.   It actually came in different lengths with all the click lock ends.  This allowed a random installation without having to make a ton of cuts.  We have never seen a laminate floor like that before.

Niki fix:)

Floor is up and Mike takes out more trim:

All cleaned up…not to add drywall to the brick wall or leave it alone.  To do that we have to take out all the trim around all windows and doors.  We may put this off for now and just repaint…we'll see:

Now we have carpets in the bedrooms, tile in the bathrooms, terrazzo in only the kitchen and living room, raw concrete in the dining room and in the sunken hallway we have old tile.  Mike and I need to make decisions on how to make the main flooring consistent in this house.

Now to get started on covering the ugly red brick.  First we have to get the wood out of the ceiling where the old brick wall met the ceiling.  Mike uses a hammer and small crowbar to get it out.  Asa usual it is not an easy task.  First he had to cut through the ceiling with a sawsall to get it loose…then the crowbar:

Just more drywall repair…ugh!

Time to build the frame to hold hold the drywall:

Getting the first frame up on the brick wall:

Mike nailing the studs in:

Side wall frame is done now for the fireplace side:

Oh..we decided to keep the fireplace:

First piece of drywall going up.  This time we bought the light weight stuff:)

Almsot all the brick is gone.  At some point we will trim out the fireplace to make it pretty:

Time for the kitchen side of the brick.  This side is easier since the brick is smooth so we don't have to build a wall.  Mike uses adhesive glue and applies it directly to the brick:

Once we ge the bottom sheet in place he makes some pilot holes and then screws in concrete screws to help hold the wall up:

Adding the top wall:

Mike's box for the AC filter.  Since we ran out of 2x4' we had to steal a painted one form one of our shelves, lol:

Last piece of big drywall going up:

Cutting the box out of the drywall…it was easier doing it on the wall:

New wall from the kitchen side:


And the living room side.  How do you like our big box, lol?

Next up…more drywall to add, then taping, spackling, sanding and repeat.  Yuck.  We are thinking of doing either tile or stone around the fireplace insert.  That will come as we get closer to making decorating choices.

That's all for now.  I will post again on Thursday.  Time to go make more decisions and work,



  1. Enjoying the progress!


    1. Thank you Kats:) Glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Looking good.. I hope you recycle or sell the flooring, it would be a shame to dump it. Where that wire was hanging down from the ceiling, it would have been nice to have put a receptacle in that end wall, can never have
    If you have natural gas, you might consider a gas insert for the fire place. You still get the heat and ambiance, but none of the mess..
    Hope we see some pics looking back at the house from the water

    1. Yes we are hanging onto the floor either to sell or give away. We will get to all of that after we get some down time, lol. That is a good idea but we didn't think of it at the time, lol. We did keep the overhead light for that area though.

      I wish we had gas. I curse that black top glass stove every day.

      I will get some outside shots. On the in between we have been tearing out bushes here and there, lol.

  3. It's starting to get exciting....a new project has begun.... :-)

    The wall looks great, and will look even better once you get the "mud" and paint on there. Are you going to go with bright colors, or the light neutrals...after all, this is going to be YOUR house, not a flip, right?

    I agree with Gary....any extra outlet is a plus....but I'm wondering about that wire, it appears to be from a junction box that was up on the wall? Can you use it for an outlet?

    I'm glad you removed the wood just didn't fit with the rest of the house, though I don't know what you should go with.....but I would recommend something that handles the possible wet floors that you might get with nasty weather.

    I'm really glad that you will be doubling up the blog....twice a week...GREAT!!

    1. Yes a new project and we are all over the place, lol. We plan but then things change. There are lots of decisions in this house to make it "right".

      Ugh…Mike has been doing the mud and we sand together. It is a slow process and a messy one.

      Mike disconnected that wire and pulled it out.

      Oh yeah…no wood or laminate here.

      I have to double up now as I have too many pictures.

    2. Oh…I want to go bright in the kitchen:)…more toned down in the living and dining rooms.

  4. Willy…the last house we did had water damage because of a water heater not natural flooding. Most houses in Florida are concrete and stucco even when not near the water.

    Yeah…hope an alligator never floats up. So far this house has never flooded…knock on wood:)