Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spackling and Starting The Kitchen Tear Out

Hello everyone.  It's time for another quick update in the Mike and Lisa World.  As you know Mike and I were not going to do the kitchen for quite sometime.  Well…that has changed.  Now that we want to match all the main floors in the house Mike said we have to get the new kitchen cabinets in before we put a new floor down.  So we have been shopping and looking at different choices.  I was going to get my cabinets from the same place that my stepdaughter did as hers are beautiful:).  Unfortunately we have no way of getting them shipped here.  So at the time of the following pictures I was comparing costs for some local cabinet dealers, Lowes and Home Depot….although I gotta tell you, I'm pretty darned tired of Lowes and HD cabinets, lol.  The search is on…but for now let me show you some of the work we have been doing.

Mike has been a busy bee with the dreaded spackling and sanding process.  This is not something we like to do.  We get up in the morning, make our mess and then move on with our day:)

He got a first coat on all the seems and did a first sand.  Now it's time for the metal corner bead:

Doing the metal corner beads around the fireplace:

Spackling the corner bead:

Adding the paper tape to the ceiling and wall inside corner:

While Mike was in drywall world I decided to start taking the hardware and the doors off the kitchen cabinets:

I am only doing the one side that won't interfere with my cooking yet.  OK…don't yell at me.  I know I had my flip flops on but I just wanted to see if the counter top would budge…no it did not:

While I got my sneakers on Mike took over.  I knew he couldn't resist if I took the sledgehammer out, lol:

This was not an easy counter to to get off.  Next up the cabinets themselves which were built on site and have a ton of nails.  This is not like the fall apart particleboard cabinets we are used to doing demo on:

Mike trying to break the bottom shelf off:

One small section down…next up the pantry:

After a lot of wiggling around Mike is finally getting somewhere:

Yay…a couple of cabinets and one pantry are gone, lol:

Now for the ceiling repair.  We bought a different brand of ceiling insulation and we will not be buying it again.  Yes it is the same R value but it looks like it is dirty and really old.  I'll stick with the pink stuff, lol.  If I saw this insulation in a house I would think it was at least 10 years old.  Ugly stuff:

I got the insulation in the ceiling and Mike works on the patch:

We ran out of drywall so we had to make a Lowes run…again, lol.  Now we can finish covering the red brick:)  Mike adds the adhesive:

And the drywall goes up.  He makes a pilot hole and adds some screws to hold it tight:

And back to the next pantry which used to be the wall oven many years ago:

Woo hoo….one side of the kitchen is almost out.  Sadly the walls are in rough shape.  I will work on those before any cabinets go in:

Thankfully it's the last of the red brick…say goodbye:):)

Mike installs the last piece of drywall over the brick:

That was just a quick update.  We have been shopping, making decisions, and doing all kinds of work. We are trying to right the wrongs of this house.

Have a great weekend and I will post again on Monday.



  1. Bye, red brick. Bye Bye Bye! ;)

    1. Some people like it but Mike and I are so happy to see it go:)

  2. Look’s like this is your one and only chance to have a propane tank brought in and set for your This has now officially turned from adding a few fixes, into a full blown reno,,I think we all knew it was coming. Was the soffit in the kitchen, a utility run or cosmetic? Remember to take some time to smell the roses,,like that will

    1. I know but Mike is moving too fast and you know how inpatient he can be, lol. Ha, ha…yeah this is definitely turning into a full redo. I'm pretty sure it is cosmetic at least over the pantry part it was:)

      Hmm…yeah well the boat is still in the garage if that tells you anything. I'm glad we enjoy doing this stuff otherwise it would be awful, lol.

  3. I remember watching an episode of one of the HGTV shows, and the homeowner said he wound up paying less from a custom cabinet shop than he would have from a home improvement store. Have you ever checked on this?
    What are you picturing for this kitchen? I think the house wants something lighter (not brown) and more streamlined than what seemed right in TN.

    1. We checked different cabinets places and the prices are all over. I did find one place that was comparable to HD/Lowes stock cabinets but much better quality:) I agree light would be more appealing for Florida but I really dislike white/off white/antique white cabinets. All is not lost though we are going lighter for the counters and the floors:) and happy walls:) How do you mean streamlined?

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  5. Once again, it looks great! I keep thinking I need to just get a rubber stamp that says that...LOL!!

    I think that ugly insulation is supposed to be less "itchy" than than the pink stuff...though if I remember, it didn't seem to bother you in previous projects, and Mike let it be YOUR project...LOL!!

    Remind Mike why you are in this house....because you were worried about health take an afternoon or morning off, and get in the boat and explore the lake....maybe do it several times a week. Even if you guys never even put a pole over the side, it has to be good for you both.
    Now, that doesn't mean that you should stop the projects...LOL!! We need our periodic fixes of M&L World!

    It became obvious in that one photo, that those counter-tops are not granite...LOL!! Granite doesn't bend. :-)

    Have you decided on a color for the rooms? I vote for the bright colors (like you had up in TN), though I guess it would be fine to have them more pastel for the Florida look and feel. For some reason, that orangish color you had was really pretty in your kitchen up there.

    1. I know. I don't think I know how to write anymore without smiley faces and LOLs.

      Hmm…it wasn't itchy but it got in my throat the same as the pink stuff. BTW, Mike was watching Fast And Loud and they said to put baby powder on to stop the itching. That was for car fiberglass so I'm not sure if it would work on the insulation.

      We are actually taking tomorrow off and going to check out a big flea/antique market and then go somewhere other than Lisa's kitchen:) We need it.

      Ha…I will have to post the picture of what was covered up on the countertop. I will get to that:)

      I would say more neutral in the living room, bright in the kitchen:), and something in between in the dining room. We are far from color picking. No pastels…they remind me of elementary school walls….eek!!