Thursday, November 6, 2014

Some Semblance Of Normalcy

As usual Mike and I have been pretty busy.  For now I am going to get you caught up on a few other things that aren't about demo.

In the middle of moving in, unpacking and starting demo we had to get the house working for us to live in.  Two days after we got here we had the refrigerator and washer and dryer delivered.  The refrigerator was easy….roll it in place, plug it in and we were good to go.  The washer and dryer…well that was a different story.  We wanted to make a nice space for it.  The washer and dryer closet is located in the "original" garage that is attached to the house and is in a little brick closet.

Here is our little closet.  Oh look more brick, lol:

Eew….this room is last on our list but we really need to change the walls and the color of those doors.

I didn't think this color brick was bad as it was a light color but Mike wanted to make it brighter.  Ok…let's paint, lol:

As usual Mike gets to roll and I cut in the corners and the cracks.  It took two coats and a lot of time to get it all filled in.  Painting rough surfaces is never fun:

After it dries Mike tapes up the dryer vent:

Mike hooking up the water lines:)

I painted one of the shelves and now I have a little laundry room:)

I got tired of all the washer and dryers that we have bought in the past.  This time I went with the Maytag Centennial set.  I hope they are good.  As with most things you will find some rave reviews and also some horrendous reviews.  I hope I'm the one who gets to rave, lol.

Now to the room where we have set up temporary living quarters…the master bedroom.  So far we have had brown(actually it was kind of a red/purple) paper over our windows for privacy.  I know…so classy right, lol?  That's us…we do what we have to do.  Anyway we were not thrilled by the window options.  Mike and I both really like Cellular shades but we have had trouble with them fading in the Florida sun before.  On top of that they cannot be cleaned.  Once they are up you can vacuum them and maybe spray them with Febreeze, lol.  So back to the pretty vs. practical.  For us practical usually wins. We went the quick and less expensive route and bought the 2" blinds.  Mike starts hanging the brackets…he hates this job.  He wanted me to do it and I said "sure if you want crooked blinds, lol".

Putting the first one in:

I won't bore you with all 5 windows so we will move on.  We didn't take our big bed frame with us from TN so we needed to buy a new one.  Our old one was just too big and bulky and made it hard for me to clean underneath.  Since we love our mattresses we decided to buy a metal frame when we got down here.  As many of you know we have done this many times before in our other remodels so we have some experience with these frames.  They have been fine for the most part but the last one started squeaking a bit so we wanted one that was built a little better and stronger.  We went with the Premier Ellipse Arch Platform bed frame. 

Mike starts putting it together.  I love these frames as they are so easy to put together:

Mike adding the arches for a little more stability and some decoration:

So far we are very happy with the sturdiness of this bed frame.  Here is the link if you want to read more about it...Bed Frame

Next up…our huge headboard.  Since we have no choice but to put the headboard and bed in front of a window we thought it would be best to cut the headboard down.  So now Mike and I start having a discussion about this.  Yeah pretty funny since neither one of us knows anything about decorating and design.  It goes something like this…How much should we cut off?…I don't know.  Do you think we should cut the whole leg off?…Let's put it up against the window and check it out.   Ok…hmm, no  not the whole leg.  How about 6 inches?  OK..let's try that.  So Mike cuts off 6 inches.  What do you think?  Hmm…not sure, lol.  Let's put it up to the window to see it.  Ok not too bad…we will need room for the mattress and you might also want to lean on it.  OK…better leave it be.  We still think headboards in front of windows are strange but it will do.  Yeah…that was fun, lol.  Maybe we should have flipped a coin:)

Mike adding the steel plates back to the headboard:

Our sanctuary is set up.  Of course Mike has his TV front and center.  It might be too easy getting used to having the TV so close.  We may need to buy a bigger TV for the living room.  It;s getting harder to see as we get older.  I don't now how we did it years ago with the small TV's…glasses I guess, lol.

And a big empty space.  I still don't understand such big bedrooms but we are not changing the room itself but we may add a desk.

That's it.  We have a kitchen and a functioning room to live in…well at the time of these pictures anyway.  You don't even want to know what we have going on know.  So much for taking it slow.  We are in a slower super speed, lol.

And now for Mike's new toy.  When we first got down we checked online sites for a used Bass boat for Mike.  There was only one that looked nice and it seemed to be a good price.  Sadly we were too tired to take the ride to look at in and it was sold.  Then we stopped in a boat dealer to see if they had any used boats.  They hd none that were in good shape.  Last week Mike found a used one online that looked really good.  We had to make the time to go look at it before it was gone.  Last Sunday morning we drove t see it and it was a winner.  The man who had the boat was meticulous about everything.  Mike made  deal and we took it home:

Sadly instead of putting it in the water we put it in the garage.  There is something wrong with that, lol. Priorities first and then it will be time to play:)

That's all for now.  We have a busy day planned.  Some of you know Mike has a ting about "accomplishing" something everyday.  I said "are you happy now, lol".  We should have enough to store up for many many days in the future…ha, ha.

Have a great weekend and I will post some more pictures on Monday.



  1. Mike an Lisa, I don't know what Im going to do, if you two ever stop blogging. I look for each and every installment of the Mike and Lisa show LOL :)

    Nice boat! But, as I found out, the old saying I true, the best time in a man's life is when he gets his boat, the next best time, is when he sells that boat LOL. (This from a man who wrecked a bass boat in lake Erie with 5 foot swells on a J-Jetty LOL.. As I tell my Wife, never a dull moment in our household :) ).
    I wish you well...


    1. Thank you Jesse.

      You know what coat stands for right? Bust out another thousand, lol. That must have been scary. Glad you are still here to tell the story:)

  2. Can't wait to see what else y'all are up to! Love the boat.


  3. It’s always nice to see when someone uses a proper dryer vent as Mike is, down to the foil tape. Please tell me Mike only has that instruction sheet out to protect the top of the dryer from his
    “Mike has a thing about "accomplishing" something everyday”
    Easy, a little bass fishin in the morning, a little bass fishin at night.. Now there is no excuse for that boat sittin the
    As far as not wanting to know what you guys are tearing up currently.. Maybe a new front door?

    1. Ha, ha…didn't even notice the instructions. Must have been for tools…Mike had done enough installs on washers and dryers, lol.

      He likes your idea:)

      This house seems to be a lot of decisions. It is not so cut and dry. We have been looking at front doors but nothing has stood out. We want to keep the view and the only "door" that really lets you do that is a French door which we are not wild about for the front door. We are also trying to decide on the kitchen and the flooring right now. We will take a ride out later today after a morning round of work to look at some things.

  4. So happy you are settling in Mike and Lisa style...LOL Take time to breathe girl. I love reading your stories

    Deb Cheever

  5. With those concrete block walls in the house, who cares if the bed squeeks...LOL!!!
    Actually, that new bed frame looks great! And yes, I could see us having the same conversation with regard to shortening the headboard...LOL!!

    The boat is great....I'm sure you will both enjoy it.....though Mike will probably like it more! I'm looking for a 14-16' skiff to go out fishing with our grandson.....that boat is perfect.
    I had heard: "A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into!!" LOL!!
    Though, I don't think you guys will have those kind of problems, that is a low maintenance long as the engine old up.

    Painted brick in the laundry looks reason to spend time and money putting up a cover panel.

    I like the idea of the front door with side lights, and then stucco the remaining section of wall.

    1. You're bad, lol.
      Yeah Mike and I do have some amusing conversations.

      Mike wanted an easy boat. We've done the bigger boat thing once and that was enough, lol.

      We are working on that front area now…and it is going to be a bear of a job. We need to take both the Jeep with trailer and the van to Lowe's for all the supplies today…ugh!!

  6. I got my Mike and Lisa fix. I'm happy.