Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nicole's Kitchen Remodel…Part 5

I am sorry for the delay.  We have all been up north visiting family and we are now just getting back on track.

So….Nicole's backsplash….the thing she agonized over.

The cabinets are all installed and the counter is on.  Now it's time for the finishing work.  Nicole is doing the backsplash herself.  Here is what she started with:

One of the first pictures she sent me of her backsplash.  I think it matches really well with her cabinets but I didn't like it with the counter.  I only told her I thought it matched her cabinets:

Behind the stove area:

From the pictures it looks like she did a great job:

The first side is finished:

At this point Nicole was not sure she liked it but decided to finish the other side of her kitchen:

She got this side done and she is still not sure about it.  At the time, Mike and I were in Florida and we never did see it in person.  Poor Nicole was so unhappy with the backsplash that Mike told her to tear it out.  I know…sounds crazy…but before she did the backsplash she was so excited about her new kitchen and this just burst her bubble.  It was wavy, too busy, and it took away from the counters that she loves so much.


Nicole took it all down.  Heartbreaking but better than living with something you hate:

And she is ready to start over.  Now she just has to find a tile she likes.  Before we got back from Florida, she was looking at this Travertine tile.  She is much happier that a tile like this won't take away from her counter:

We all make mistakes but thankfully she was able to change it instead of having to live with something she hated for a  long time.  I think we all learned a valuable lesson about tile backsplashes.  Go safe and neutral or stick to paint.  If you go too "taste" specific it is no fun to change it.

Up next….the new tile that she picked, which is different than the one shown above, and the finished kitchen:)

Just a short and sweet update.  Monday I will post the final kitchen.

Have a great week.


  1. A shame that Nicole didn't "see" the problems before she got so far into the project, but I would think that this is a fairly easy fix...even it it's still double work....and double the money.
    I agree with you about it being to busy and not looking great with the counter in those first few pictures, but it did seem to look better from across the room.....but, then again, she's not always going to be across the room....LOL!!

    We are thinking of going with a similar tile, though not as "busy"....lighter shades of beige & gray, but we also have a black counter-top......but that may be changed out too...LOL!! I am hoping that I can do this job fairly inexpensively, but DW is already adding to the list...LOL!! Basically, we're just going to take down a half-wall between the kitchen and den.....we'll lose 3 cabinets, but these are the taller ones, so we actually may have gained some space when we did the kitchen originally about 8 years ago.

    How come no story about the other things going on in your know how curious we are.....
    Did you take any follow-up photos of the place in about the gardens, or anything else happening on the mountain.....or maybe even down in the "store".??

    1. Good luck with your remodel:)

      Mike and I have been all over the place this summer. Today I am volunteering at a carnival. Yesterday we finally painted the back and side of the second shipping container. We also did our first round of apple picking on Sunday. Oh and we tore out part of a brick patio and laid new sod in NY. I don't have a lot of pictures as we did a little of a lot of different things. I will give an update...

  2. I agree with the tile going with the cabinets and the butcher block as well. Nicole might have pulled it off had she matched the grout to the darker colors in the counters.
    Now I see you were supposed to post again today, Monday, but I guess you didn't say which Monday. You need a sign on your website that says "Out of the Office" for when you pull your disappearing act. lol

    1. I'm in:) just trying to figure out what pictures to use.