Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nicole's Kitchen Remodel…Part 4

Hello everyone.  This is the final day for Mike and I to help Nicole on her kitchen.  We went with her during the week to pick up her countertops.  These are not screwed down yet but here is her new counter and her choice of backsplash which Nicole will be doing:

Nicole also made some wooden drawer dividers for her silverware drawer.  She did a good job…I may have to ask her to make one for me although it would be better for me in my bedroom dresser drawer, lol.

Oh the fun part.  Nicole had to wait for her father for this part.  Mike needs to unhook the plumbing so we can get the sink out and the old countertop off.  First we turn off the water to the house.  We don't want any additional problems:

Undoing the plumbing.  We want to save as many parts as we can.  Nicole got a new sink but we should be able to use most of the pipes:

Taking the old sink out:

Now it's time to get the old countertop off:

Mike pulls up the part he has loosened:

And I help with the next section:

The handy cut off wheel to cut out some screws in the walls:

Down to the old floor:

Nicole and I work on the last of the tile:

Mike and I putting in the base blind cabinet:

Ah…the holes in the floor.  Nicole is finally getting a chance to fill the holes.  She hates mice:

Mike cutting out the bottom of the sink base cabinet to make room for the plumbing:

Base cabinets are in:

No template came with Nicole's sink so Mike has to figure out where to make the cut out.  One mistake and the whole countertop is worthless.  No pressure though, lol:

Using tape along the cut out line so the blade doesn't chip the laminate:

Once that is out, I help Mike with the new sink.  

Nicole holds the sink in place while Mike works on the clamps:

Mike working on the plumbing:

We were doing OK until we found out we were missing some drain parts:

Nicole ran to town to pick up the parts while Mike and I go back to the wall cabinet that we couldn't get up last week.  Mike drills holes for the anchor bolts:

Screwing the anchor bolt into the back of the cabinet.  They will go into the wall straight and then the bolts will open up inside the wall so they can't come back out:

The uppers are finished.  And you can see Nicole's nice job on covering the vent pipe from the stove:

Nicole is back.  Her and Mike work on more plumbing:

Nicole holds the countertop down while Mike gets ready to screw it to the cabinet:

Nicole screws in the countertop:

Mike cutting off the excess metal plate that is not needed on the dishwasher:

We did run into another snag with the plumbing.  The small sink was on the opposite side of the new sink.  We were still missing another part.  After being there all day, Mike and I told Nicole we would be back in the morning if she got the part.  Nicole and her family had one night with no kitchen sink but that was their biggest inconvenience.

The next morning, Mike worked on the plumbing and I helped Nicole with the other countertop.

The cabinets and counters are done.  Nicole loves it:)

She is now not happy with her butcher block and she may order a piece to match the rest.

And the other side:

And a glimpse of the backsplash she chose.  Next week we will see how Nicole does with her new backsplash:

Have a great week and I will post again this week with a recipe and again next week for the completion of Nicole's kitchen:)


  1. Wow so beautiful...I love the butcherblock

    Deb Cheever

    1. Thank you. Nicole loves the kitchen. She is still debating about the butcher block.

  2. Look's great. Nicole is very mech. inclined, the cabinet and drawer spacer are both very nice . She needs to get her boy in there too.The things we do for our kids, is time well spent, although at times it can be trying..lol. I think the butcher block is very functional and once she gets the back splash up, it will tie in nicely with the rest.
    How is your garden doing? We need more pics. My season starts very early down here so it is all done except for the tomatoes I have under shade cloth.

    1. Yes unlike me she is mechanical. She got that from her father:) Her son is the lead in a play so he has been busy with that. We do like helping her even though she can get crazed sometimes(you know it's true Nicole but we still love you, lol).

      My garden is doing very well. At least the lower in ground one. I have had lots of squash this year. The sweet 100 tomatoes have been coming in for about a week and the larger ones are still green. I'll get some pics:)

  3. Looks great! I can't believe the countertop I thought she got granite! Love the backsplash too.


    1. This family is thrifty. No granite for us. Thank you. Next week you will hear the backsplash drama.

  4. Has Nicole become shy? No mugging for the camera this week...LOL!!
    The drawer divider looks great.

    I agree with the others, the butcher block looks very nice. I think I'd wait a month, to see if she really hates it, before buying a replacement. She may decide that she really likes it, and safe all the extra money.

    Oh, and is that outlet to the right of the sink, on a GFI circuit? I know that they are required that close to the sink, though you can install a GFI outlet at the beginning of a circuit, and it will cover the rest of the string.

    How is the store coming along?

    1. Ha, ha…no not shy just staying out of her father's way this week. With the plumbing and the sink cut out we wanted Mike not to be distracted:)

      She is still deciding about the butcher block.

      Not sure about the outlet. It is the original that came with her house.

      The store…ha. Did you know we emptied the Florida house and put it all in the store, lol. I think it is now Mike's storage building. BTW, my side is all nice and neat with everything priced. Mike's…well he keeps adding, lol.

  5. You guys disappear more than my old hound dog. lol Hope all is well.

  6. Sorry about that. We just got back from visiting family in NY. I am doing an update right now:)