Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting My Gardens Ready and Plant Shopping With Nicole

I am so excited.  It is almost time to get the summer plants in the ground.  On Tuesday Nicole and I did our annual plant shopping").  We both felt like kids let lose in a candy store.  This is one of our favorite times of year.  We have a wonderful local greenhouse that starts vegetable plants and so many beautiful flowers.  Nicole gets both flowers and vegetables.  I usually just get vegetables but I may go back and get some flowers.  I think I can hang a couple of long pots on our cross fencing out front:):)

Here are some local pics of our Garden Greenhouse…..

The flowers:

One small table of veggies:

Oh Happy Day…Nicole and I with only one of each of our boxes.  We both bought two:)

Leaving my plants outside to get them used to being out.  I will put them out a few hours a day until planting time.  Hopefully Nicole and I can start planting late next week:)

Most likely I bought too many plants but I will get them in the ground somewhere, lol.  I bought 12 of Mike's favorite Super sweet 100's, 4 Golden Jubilee tomatoes, and 4 Celebrity tomatoes.  As for peppers I got 4 Red Beauty and 4 Lady Bell.  Then I got 2 cantaloupe, 2 Sugar baby watermelon, 2 straight neck squash, 2 zucchini, 6 very healthy cucumber plants and a basil and one purple basil.  I really hope I don't kill the basil like I usually do.  Ugh!!!  I also bought 6 Marigold to grow with the tomatoes and peppers and also one Sunflower to use as a trellis for one of my cuke plants.

Now for my gardens so far.  I have my old square foot garden and also a new in ground garden.

May 7

My square foot garden.  I cheated and bought 4 Romaine plants and 4 Purple Romaine plants.  I just wanted to see something grow, lol.

Onions, lettuce, spinach and beets that have not sprouted yet:

Peas and strawberries are looking good:

My Fruit Trees…that the deer nibbled on over the winter…grr!!!

My blueberries:

And my in ground garden.  I will be working on the fencing today. 

That's all for the gardening update.  This is my favorite time of year:):)

Have a great weekend and I will post on Monday.


  1. I may have asked you before but would you know where I could find some luffa sponge seeds. Only problem with ordering from a seed catalog is the shipping and handling is usually double the price of the seeds.

    1. Ben…I'm sorry. You did ask and I did look around but didn't find any good deals. Maybe a seed exchange? I'll check some more today:)

    2. What are you going to do with 12 cherry tomato plants???? Mike will have ulcers on his tongue & inside his cheeks if he eats all of them won't he? I went to the garden center today myself. ;) Jaxson

    3. Ben…I asked around locally but no one has any. I'm sorry.

      Jaxson-Ooh….you went to the garden center. It's sooo exciting isn't it:) You know you started me on my gardening adventures. Thanks girl. I always plant extra just in case it's a bad year. Ah…you remember Mike has trouble when he over does the tomatoes. He will just have to limit his intake. I have also made stewed tomatoes and salsa from the little ones. They come out fine. I also give some away when it is a good year:)

  2. You are able to kill Basil? Geez, it's a friggin weed for us, I have to hit it with Round-UP.
    The gardens look great, and I'm sure you'll have a bumper crop.
    We are hoping to get a hydroponic garden going one day, but for now, with me being away from home for 2-weeks at a time, and Claudia not being able to get outside to care for it, well, it's on hold.;
    So, I live vicariously through you guys...LOL!!

    1. Yes…for some reason I don't have luck with basil. Either too little water or too much. I thought I was overwatering…but last year was a very wet year and my basil did pretty good(for me, lol).

      Our local HS has a greenhouse and they grow a hydroponic garden. It's pretty cool.

      Well you now us…you never know what Mike and I will be up to, lol.