Thursday, May 1, 2014

Completing The New Well Pump…and Some Gardening

Hello everyone.  It's time to finish up the "house" well and pump story.

Mike disconnecting the water pipes that go to our underground tank:

Cutting off the old water lines:

And plugging the tank:

Mike's new contraption to change the old water lines:

Now our water will go from our well and back into the house:

Our old water pump at the house which we will no longer need:

Mike started cutting the water lines to the old pump…forgetting that there was still some water in the lines, lol:

Now that there is no more water in the lines, Mike can finish cutting the lines and old pump out:

Setting up the electric for our new well pump:

Installing a water filter using Pex:):)  Love that stuff.  Now that we don't have a big tank collecting the sediment from our well we need a house filter:

The lines are a little too long…we need to go to the store for more pex parts:

Mike getting one more load of gold dirt for my garden:)

Ooh…I cannot wait to start planting:

Mike checking the water level in our batteries and adding some distilled water to the batteries that need it:

Loading up the trailer and making a trip to the barn and to the store:

We dropped off the pex and the water lines at the barn and took the rest to the store.

We rolled the concrete well cover off the trailer:

A first look at the mess in our store.  We need to get down and do some organizing.  Mike is picking up our old pantry.  It's going back in my kitchen:

Things our turning green:)

One of our next projects is getting ready for the new refrigerator.  This is one of our odd things left inside our house.  The two refrigerators, lol.  The big electric one can be used from about April-October  or so.  The RV refrigerator runs on propane or electric and is used during the winter months on propane.  Mike ordered a new solar refrigerator for us and it will be here anywhere from 2-6 weeks as it is made to order.

Mike taking out our old electric refrigerator:

Taking down the overhead cabinet:

For now we will leave the electric refrigerator in the house for the day of the switchover:

We got the pantry home and moved down to the house. Woo hoo….look at all that storage:)

Mike adding a trim piece:

Ha, ha…our fake rock well cover.  Mike likes it.  At least it is light:

Mike fixed the pex lines for our water filter.  As you can see we already need a new filter.  We stirred up the well and there is a lot of dirt in it until it all settles back down:

Getting the lines insulated:

This morning I went down to my "Big Girl garden"(that's for Jaxson:)), and planted my first seeds.  Yes I am anal, lol.  I had the tape ruler down there and planned it all out.  The straws are where my future tomatoes and peppers will be.  This helped guide me to plant my beets, carrots, peas, onions, some lettuce and spinach:

We have lots of outdoor plans for the weekend.  I hope the weather cooperates.  we are still waiting for the well guys to finish the well at the store.  I have no idea what happened to them.

Have a great weekend and I will post an update on Monday:)


  1. Lookin good!


    1. Thank you Kats:) Always good to see you. Miss you girl.

  2. Regarding your Water filter...

    Ive had a couple of them, I put in my house, and I found out, that, its so much easier to take them off, (the bottom part), if you secure them with some kind of metal framework.

    I used angle irons, that I secured the endpieces to, using "U" bolts, (of course, mine were copper, and the "U" bolts didn't collapse them when tightened down hard). I put one on each end, and the piece didn't move, so, I could take the bottom piece (clear plastic) off easier.

    Believe me, its still difficult to take that rascal off, the clear plastic! After awhile, the plastic wont be clear anymore, because the lime and other particles adhere to the plastic inside, and I didn't have any hydrochloric acid to remove the dirt from the inside of the clear plastic.

    Im wondering, how much 'head' you have on that pump? Enough to send it up the piping, and to the shower too?
    Just curious to know how much psi you have on the outflow of the water spouts, but, who ever measures that, right LOL :)

    I wish you well...


    1. Thank you for the info Jesse.

      The well is 300 feet deep and the water pressure is at 60 lbs. And the pump is good up to 390 feet.

  3. OK....a couple of comments....
    1.) Tell Mike to get to an auto parts store (or Harbor Freight) and buy a battery water filler bottle. They are great!!
    They automatically fill the battery to the correct height.....and they won't spill water on the battery......and are much easier than the jug & funnel route that Mike was using in that photo.
    2.) Bet your glad that concrete well pipe didn't roll right through the side of the store....yikes! I'm betting you both freaked out a bit as it rolled across the driveway on it's way to it's final resting place!!
    3.) The water there enough clearance under it, to take it apart to replace the filter? Usually, you want a couple of inches of clearance to unscrew it and swap out filters. Also, I'd recommend a second valve on the filter, since those "shut-off" valves on the top of the filter are not the greatest.
    Also, where is the pressure tank now? It was on the old pump in the pump house.....but the deep well pump doesn't have one does it? Under the "rock"?
    I still think I would have just had the new deepwell pump go to the old tank and pump system.....but then, I don't know all the facts

    1. 1. Mike used to have on of those but it broke. Maybe it's time to look at a new one:)

      2. Actually I was at the bottom when Mike rolled it off the trailer. Thankfully I wasn't squashed, lol.

      3. There is enough room to change the filter as the lines are flexible. We will keep an eye on the valves…thanks:)

      4. The original well system had a tank buried in the ground. That is the same bladder tank that we are using now. It is buried close to the rock.

      We are trying to get the house to run as normal as possible.

  4. One thing you might want to consider is an additional brass check valve at the inlet to your bladder tank. Although the pump has one they are over time prone to failure and the brass one at the tank will take care of that and also helps take the strain off the pump. Cheap insurance.

    1. Thank you for the advice. It's always better to be safe than sorry.