Thursday, January 9, 2014

Re Flip...4 The Carpet Install

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all stayed warm this week.  It even got cold down here by Florida standards, lol.

Monday we took a break.  Mike got a cold and needed a day of rest.


I left Niki bundled up the day we went to meet the carpet installers:

Hmm...I remember cleaning these blinds once before:

The carpet and installers are here.  They have a crew of four and they are ready to get it done:)  

Here is one of the installers drilling into the concrete foundation.  The tack strips needed to be screwed down:

The carpet cut out for the main living room:

Getting ready to seam together two pieces in the back room:

Looks good:

These guys were good.  Not only were the seams done well but they cleaned up after themselves and vacuumed.  Some carpet installers don't do that.

While I was cleaning Mike had to deal with the AC/Heating man.  The unit was hooked up wrong and had to be done correctly.  A few hours and $250.00 later we now have heat.  The system was installed by another AC/Heating company.  Mike figured since this new system was installed in the summer...the guy in the attic just got the AC going and didn't do the heat because it was too hot up there.  We now know who not to call back.

Our new thermostat since the old one was also wrong.  Just a little touch up needed:

The carpet in the patio area room.  This is like an indoor outdoor carpet and was glued down.  Here is one of the installers rolling the carpet onto the glue so there is no buckling:

I washed and dried all of the curtains that were left in the house.  Now I get to iron.  I think curtains are the only thing I iron, lol:

Carpet going into the main room up front:


Back to Home Depot and the pool supply.  HD for mulch, plumbing, and lights and then the pool supply for shock.  Mike is having a heck of a time getting the pool clear.

Back at the house Mike works on the bathtub faucet that was missing while I start working in the gardens.

In this house Mike and I put rock in the gardens for maintenance free clean up.  With rocks the gardens can be blown out and nothing ends up all over the driveway.  Well the tenants wanted mulch so they added it right on top of the rock.  Grr!!!  Pure laziness.  So now I am in the process of cleaning out the entire gardens.  The brown mulch and rocks are all mixed together...what a mess. Once they are cleaned out I will add red mulch to spruce them up and also trim the plants:

I got this small portion almost cleaned out:

This is going to take awhile to do it right:

After I filled my four buckets with rock to take back to our dumpster I went back in the house to check on Mike.  He is having one heck of a time with the shower handle.  We bought three different ones for him to try.  While he was working in the second bathroom I went into the master bath to clean the shower,  Uh oh...this faucet is also broken.  Not good.  What did these people do to the water here?  The dishwasher was broken and both bathroom faucets were broken.  Geez.  Thankfully there is a third  bathroom with a shower in the garage that works.  Mike was able to see exactly how the faucet is supposed to work and he got both bathrooms inside the house fixed.:)  Now another trip to HD for the third bathroom faucet.

We called our Realtor to list the house.  She will be meeting with us on Saturday so we have two days to get it completed.  Then we can get back to work on this house.  Niki will be so happy that we will be home with her:)

I hope you enjoyed this short recap.  I will write again on Monday for the final story of this re flip.  Have a great weekend.



  1. Good luck with the sale, I just know it will not stay on the market long! Warming up in TN, raining now instead of snow.

    1. Thank you Sandy. We are hoping for a quick sale. We plan on pricing it low for this area so we will see:)

      I'm glad you are warning up. Mike and I really want to go home now...

  2. I'm sure it's nice to see the light at the end of the least with one house!
    Hopefully, it will sell quickly, without any problems. In a way, you may have lucked out, in that you probably have a better market now, so that even with the money you put into the place, you should get it back with the rising market values.

    I'm sure that Niki did not like the cold.....and is probably very happy that you are not up in TN right now...LOL!!

    Maybe you can sell this house, with the Suburban....LOL, after all, you bought the other place with it!

    Carpet looks great!
    How was the carpet attached in the livingroom before....since they guys had to put new tackboard down with screws??

  3. We are happy to be out of that house now:) Sadly the market is about the same here.

    Niki doesn't like the cold but she sure does like the wood stove:)

    Mike wants to load up the Suburban and take it back home. It should sell better there.

    The original carpet was installed over tile so the tack strip was glues down. When we took the old carpet out we found that the glue did not stick so well. I'm glad these carpet installers did ti the right way.