Monday, January 6, 2014

Re Flip 3...Ordering Carpet, Buying Pool Supplies, Pressure Washing and more Painting

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mike and I worked, lol.


Today we had to do a lot of running around again.  First we stopped at the carpet place and we got a quote of $ way.  And that was using our padding which would also make the warranty on the carpet void.  Mike and I went back to a place we used many years ago.  We didn't go back because we had problems with their installer using one of our houses as his and his girlfriend's playground.  Anyway we walked in and found a carpet on a big roll that looks really nice.  They will be installing it tomorrow and it was $2200.00 and they don't have that installer anymore, lol.  That is a huge price difference and we are getting a nicer carpet.

Next we stopped at a local pool and spa supply.  Mike "thought" the prices were high so we went back to the pool place we stopped at a few days ago.  She was even higher but she was very helpful and keeps an extremely clean store.  We did buy the filter from her.  Then we had to go to the house to meet the new carpet man for measuring.  He was in and out and Mike and I left again.

We went back to the local pool and spa supply and got stuck there for a bit because of a heavy downpour.  Once it cleared we left with a new pump.

Then it was off to get more paint and buy a new dishwasher. All the running around is so time consuming.  Now you know why Mike and I hate shopping, lol.

Finally we can do some work.

My bucket of switch plate and outlet covers.  I'm taking them home to clean:

Mike has to get the old pool pump and filter off so he can install the new one.  Here he is cutting the old pipes:

Unscrewing the screws on the old pump:


Our new dishwasher will be here today so we need to take the 3 year old one out....grr.  Mike getting ready to take it out:

It is out:

What timing.  We carried the old dishwasher out to the street just as the delivery men showed up with the new one.  Mike will install that later.  First he has to go outside and install the new pool pump and filter:

Gluing the pipes together:

Adding a pipe to the filter:

Doing the electrical for the pump:

That's a lot of crazy looking pipe but Mike got it done and no leaks:):)

While Mike worked outside I got to do some of the small time consuming things.  I took down all the ceiling lights, cleaned them and changed bulbs.  I changed the air filters in the house and painted all the closets.  I also changed the toilet seats.  I have never seen this and this is only three years old.  I think the tenant thought by using the blue thing in the tank you didn't have to clean.  It was gross:


More painting and touch ups.


It is supposed to be a beautiful day so we have to get some outside work done before the cold comes in.  Mike starts on the left side pressure washing.  The concrete is filthy:

What a mess:

Looking better:

Inside I broke open the semi gloss paint and painted the inside doors and trim.  I also painted the inside of the front door and the garage door.

After painting I took out all the drawers and shelves in the refrigerator.  I washed everything.  This is the time I really hate double sinks.  It is so much easier to wash big things in a single sink:

Mike made his way down to the seawall:

I took over pressure washing for him and finished the seawall, did the pool area and the other side of the house.  We will do the garage and driveway once all the carpeting is gone.

That's all for now.  We have a busy week ahead of us.  We are very close to listing this house for sale.

Have a great week and stay safe and warm.  Don't forget to leave your faucets dripping if you have very cold weather.  This will help keep your water pipes from freezing.

I will write again on Thursday.



  1. Hi~~is that wall damaged behind the toilet or just the paint they had on the walls? That toilet seat was disgusting why are people so lazy. The dishwasher was already usable after 3 years? As always it looks best when Mike & Lisa put their touches on it. :) Jaxson

    1. From what we can figure they must have left the shower door partially open and got the wall wet. Mike has fixed it and patched it. We just have to do the final paint on it. The toilet seats were gross. I have never seen that. As a woman I could never sit on that seat. The control panel in the dishwasher was broken. The part would have been $150.00 and labor on top of that. Welcome to our new society of disposable appliances. Years ago I would have never bought an extended they may be worth it.

  2. I always found it better to install unions at the pump and filter for servicing because you will eventually need to.

  3. Hi Lisa and Mike! Let me tell you it is cold in your home state. We are freezing and it is supposed to get colder tonight!!!
    Toilet seat is disgusting, how in the world can that look like that after only 3 years. And dishwasher too? Goodness we need to put pride back in appliances!
    Cold in TN: Sandy

    1. Stay warm...I hear it is getting better:)

  4. WOW You guys I remember watching you two do this house the first time .. I am so sorry you had to go back in and see what the "owners" did to your hard work . You two take such pride and put out so much effort on a place that its a shock the new owners didnt take better care of what they had .. Good luck on the resale .. I hope the next owners see the hard work and effort you gave to make this and any of your houses so awesome..

    1. Thank you for writing in. It is a little sad redoing this house again.

  5. I'm expecting to read lots about that toilet seat....gross!!

    I also agree that unions on the pool pump would have been a good idea. It may not matter, and you saved a few bucks, but if you ever have to make a repair to the pump (seal, impeller, etc) you'll wish you had unions.

    Glad you got that carpet at a better price. Did you consider renting a steam cleaner first? Though ultimately, new carpet is probably a better choice....especially that carpet in the Blue room that they dumped paint on.

    1. Mike says there are unions on the pump:)

      Yes we considered a steam cleaner but the 3 year old carpet was just too far gone. Too many really bad stains and the cigarette smell was awful. Mike and I just couldn't bring ourselves to make a quick fix that we wouldn't be happy with.

  6. Oh, Lisa, amazes me how people can live worse than animals. I have a roommate and his toilet seat was worse than what you had to encounter, made him replace it, I wasn't about to touch. Thankfully, they did not destroy the whole house. Your houses are so beautiful looking by the time you finish them.

    1. I a woman there is no way I would sit on that seat, lol.

      Thank you:)