Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Re Flip...2...The Garbage, Taking The Carpet Out And Painting

Happy New Year!!!!

Mike and I are hoping to get this re flip done and back on the market in two weeks.  Just what we needed in the middle of our real project this year, lol,...and of course we want to get back home.  The clock is ticking.


Mike rushed me out the door this morning so we could go and paint.  I know...he is so romantic, lol.  At least we are only a block away so the commute is nice and easy:)  As we pulled up to the house we saw the garbage men there.  The tenants left a mountain of garbage on the street.  Mike and I figured we would see what the garbagemen would take and then we would take the rest back to our dumpster. Anyway, as we pulled into the driveway the one garbage man was staring at the pile shaking his head.  Uh oh.  When the driver saw us he jumped out of the truck and asked us if it was ours.  We told him what happened and he said because it was us they would take the trash.  Apparently our old tenants didn't pay for their garbage service.  We helped the garbagemen load the truck and promised to give them a little extra next tine we saw them.  Mike didn't have his wallet.'s good to know and play nice with the garbagemen:).  We have known the same one for 5 years now.  He recognized our van when we got here this year. problem time to tackle some more.

The house stinks of cigarettes.  That is not good.  I told Mike that I had to start cutting up the carpet to get the stench out of the house.

Mike takes off the outlet covers so we can paint the second coat of paint in the "blue" room:

I cut the carpet into strips to make it easier to roll up and tape:

Taking the carpet out of the light blue room:

First coast of Super Paint going on the light blue walls.  We are hoping for one coat using Sherwin Williams Super Paint which is a paint and primer in one...and costs 0ver $50.00 a gallon...

Taking more outlet covers off.  I have some job ahead of me getting the old paint off all of the outlets and switch plate covers in the house:

Two coats on the blue room and we are finished. room down:

Mike rolls while I do the cut in in the light blue room:

One coat is on.  Hopefully that will be all:

The hallway...waiting for me to cut it in:

Tearing out the carpet in the living room:

The stinky carpet is out of the house.  What a heartbreak.  That was some expensive carpeting:

The carpet is out:


Today, while we were clean, we ran some errands.  We needed more paint...what else is new, lol?  We also picked up the glass for the front door that blew up in Mike's hands last week and on the way home we stopped at some pool places.  We needed to get prices for pumps and filters.

At least we stayed clean for a few hours:)  Mike starts rolling the living room wall using the Glidden paint we just bought.  We used this paint in the back den and the bedroom and it only needed one coat.  We used the Sherwin Williams Super paint on the same color in hallway and in the light blue room.  Both of those areas need to be repainted.  This is what we bought...I see there are mixed reviews but Mike and I had great luck with this paint.  It also goes on a light grey when it is wet and then turns white after it dries.  It was great for painting over a white wall.
Glidden Paint

I need to catch up:

Painting the last wall in the den:

Everything is done in the main area except for the kitchen:


We woke up tired...go figure, lol.  Mike and I packed some snacks and went to the other house.  It's a cloudy day so at least this gives us something to do.

We thought  there was some of the small bathroom paint in the garage but we were wrong.  Oh well...time to make it white:

The bathroom is too small for both of us.  Mike rolls first and then I can do the cut in:

We got a coat of paint on all the walls and it looks so clean.  We were going to leave the back room alone except it bothered us now that the rest of the house looked so fresh.  Mike starting to roll our last "first" coat:

After that our carpet man showed up to take measurements.  While he and Mike talked I painted the kitchen:

The back room is finished.  This will need two coats to cover the old color:

We also got to see a huge manatee in the canal:):)  I love them.

That's all for the last few days.  Poor Niki is lost without us.  She is not used to us being away.  It will be good to get this finished so we can complete the house we are in:)

Have a great weekend and I will write again on Monday.



  1. Sometimes it’s just easier to replace the switch, plug covers as they are cheap. Hopefully you’ll recoup your expenditures and make a profit on the backside.

    1. They are cheap but it is an easy job to do:)

  2. Looking fresh and clean, new carpet and poof off the market. BTW I like Glidden better, Bob told me it rolled on smooth and I like the way it looks.

    1. Thank you. It has become harder and harder to find good paint. Mike's daughter just told us that you can get Glidden at Walmart. Since we don't have a Home Depot at home...that may work for us. Although after these two houses I don't want to see a paint can for at least a year, lol.

  3. It is coming together pretty quickly.....especially if you can get away with a single coat on some of those walls.
    Hopefully the carpet can get done pretty quickly, and you will be out of the house, and get it sold ASAP.

    Is Niki visiting the said that she likes that, so maybe she's not as upset as you think!!

    What town is this?

    1. The blues and the back wall needed two coats. Also my brush cut ins needed two. The roller puts on a much thicker coat. Carpet is scheduled for installation on Tuesday:)

      Our neighbors had out of town guests so Niki stayed in the other house. I think she will be very happy to get back to TN to her home and the kids:)

      West coast.

  4. Hey Lisa & Mike, Happy New Year! Sorry to see the mess left by the pinheads. I had rental properties in the past and eventually sold them off. I just got sooo tired of repeatedly going back and fixing the damage after the cycle of non-payment, then destruction, then accusations of substandard living conditions (funny-the conditions were brand new when I rented it to you) then harassment as I tried to get control of my property so that I could repaint &
    Anyway, good luck. I love the work that you do and I am still impressed that you get so much done AND find the time to take photos and post updates! You guys rock!

    1. Thanks for writing in. Mike hates rentals and said he would never do them. This was "supposed" to be a lease to own...but obviously that didn't work out. I'm glad you sold your off:)

  5. You should have jumped in with that manatee :) I had one get close enough to me to hand feed it lettuce. Really bothers me that the bums didn't appreciate this house and all the work Mike & you put into it. Of course while Niki supervised. I know you believe in karma they will get theirs when they can ill afford it one day. Thank goodness they didn't do structural damages.Thanks for interrupting our regular scheduled program with a blast from the past. :D Hope 2014 brings you nothing but profits. Jaxson

    1. That is so cool that you fed them lettuce. They are such gentle giants. Then again you know how much I "love" manatees:):) I'm glad you are enjoying the blast from the past. Hopefully we can get back to this house next week...if we aren't too exhausted. Thanks again Jaxson:)

  6. This is one of my favorites in your rehabs (not that you have to fix it up, but I remember all the hard and beautiful work you two put into it). Love, love that kitchen and the view is to die for. I did not know people still smoke in houses, I thought that went out in the 80's-90's. Great job and even though it is unexpected work for you two I am glad you have the house back and can finally make your profit.

    1. Thank you Sandy. The kitchen was a favorite in this house. We will get it back to almost new:)

      It's rare to even see smokers anymore.