Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chapter 165...Finishing Shelves And Building A Counter

Hello and welcome to chapter 165 of our long story of projects:)  Back at the store Mike and I are trying to get the inside done but first:

Mike using the post hole driver to pound in the ground rod for the store:

Next he drills a hole to bring the wire into the building by our electrical box:

And now to the inside:)

Mike installing the trim that I painted:

Nailing the bathroom door kit in place:

Mike installing our lights:

And back to our shelves.  Putting them together on the floor and screwing the bases to the legs:

The front legs going on:

And we have the second shelf standing.  Mike making sure it is all screwed together:

The third shelf almost screwed together:

After we get the shelves up we decided they don't look good enough.  Mike uses spackle to fill in any holes and splits in the wood:

Once the spackle is dry I sand the shelves to make a smooth surface then I repaint them:

Mike working on the last of the ceiling lights:

Time to  build the counter.  We checked online and in our local stores to see about buying one but they were just too expensive.  For this simple counter we are using 2x4's, plywood and a sheet of siding that has been cut done to size:

We measure the 2x4's and cut them to be part of the base and the top of our new counter:

Niki making sure we do things right:)

Mike nailing the cut piece of plywood to the top of the 2x4 base:

Once the plywood is nailed onto both the top and the bottom section we cut a square out each corner on the bottom of the base and nail in the 2x4's:

Almost done:

Mike nailing in the front of the counter using siding:

After we get that together on the driveway, we load it onto the trailer and take it to the store.  Mike nails the end of the counter on: painting more trim:

It's starting to come together:

The counter has been trimmed and painted:

Mike's daughter gave us some old shelves that we decided to put down the middle of the store:

As you can see we have been slowly bringing some things down to the store.  We have decided to open next year as we really don't have a lot to sell.  Over the winter we will look for some bargains:)

That's all for now and I will write again soon.


  1. Proud of you 2 for leaving the siding on the front of the checkout going vertical and the end going horizontal. :D Can't wait to see what you put in here after winter is over with.
    Thanks for sharing,

    Good to see Niki is not shirking her supervisor duties. :)

    1. I knew someone would notice that, lol. We decided to save the money this time:)

      Yes...Niki did a good job:)

  2. So happy to see that you haven't gotten lazy....though the same can't be said for Niki...LOL!!

    I guess you'll be pulling those metal shelves (in the middle) and painting them.

    You may want to get one of those plastic drawer sets to put under the counter, as I'm sure you'll have lots of little things to store there.

    Just thinking.....what is going to heat the place during the winter? Wood-stove?
    And do you plan to sell anything that will require that the store maintain a certain temperature, or can you just fire up the wood stove in the morning, to heat the place for the day?

    Great to have you back, and I can't wait to hear about the place in Florida!

    1. Aw..poor Niki.

      We did paint the tops and bottoms of the shelves and decided to leave the metal as is on the center shelves. Good idea about the drawers. I'm sure we will fine tune things once we start selling from there.

      Ha, ha, heat in the store. No no...if it is not nice out Mike and I won't be there. This is just a fun project for us not a job, lol. We will most likely do a heat and AC combo unit just in case someone rents it from us.

  3. Hello :)
    I see everything is coming along swimmingly. Love the plastework on the ceiling...(sure wish I had your guys when I did my Son's room LOL :)

    I would have thought that you would have had two shelves under the counter, so that you wouldnt have to reach all the way to the bottom to get an item. (Remember, old age 'will' be setting in some day, and you will want the convinience of this or that to help you along! Shelving will be nice, instead of plastic totes.
    I wish you well...


    1. Are you saying we are old, lol. Good idea though. We will see how things go once we start using the store/