Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chapter 166...Digging In The Underground Electric Line And Clean Up At The Store

This is the last chapter for the store this year.  We are leaving soon but we will be back after the winter to get the store up and running.  For now I will show you some pictures of Mike and our grader, Jimmy, getting our electric line in from the building to our electric pole.

Jimmy digging the hole to put the electric wire in the ground.  Nice machine:)

Mike using the reciprocating saw to cut the pipe.  The electric wire needs to be inside a pipe from the ground to the building:

Once the ditch is dug, we lay the electric wire in the ground all the way to the electric pole.  We cover it with a little dirt as we go.

At the other end by the electric pole.  Jimmy holding the pipe while Mike cuts it:

Once the pipe is cut down, Mike feeds the wire through the pipe and feeds the wire into the electric box:

Mike finishes hooking up the electric while Jimmy fills in the ditch where the underground electric wire is:

After that is done Mike and I go back to do some grading work of our own.  We need to work on the dirt along the edges of the building.  It needs to be built up and re seeded.  Mike uses the tractor to scoop some dirt for me to spread:

Dumping the dirt along the side of the building:

We raked out all of the rock and sloped it to the building:

We also did this on the back side and part of the back of the building.  Once we got it raked, we seeded it and added straw:

Now we wait for the grass to grow:)

A couple of weeks later and it is starting to pop:

The back side is happy:

And behind the building:

Here is the area that was filled in where the underground electric wire is.  We had so much rain that it sunk in a little.  Thankfully we have a pile of dirt and Mike has his tractor.  We will fix that when we work on the drive next year:

It's sad to say but that is all I have for the store this year.  As many of you know it is not like Mike and I  not finish a project.  We have just had such a bad year here with all of the rain that we really need a change.  Hopefully we will get recharged and have great weather next spring.  We don't have a lot left on the store but we still have work to do.

That is all for now.  Next up....getting ready to do a Flip:)


  1. Even though you won't be writing about the store, I look forward to reading about the project in Florida!


    1. There will be a lot more going on in the next few months. I promise lots of pictures:)

  2. OK I have a question for you both I have been paying attention to these projects. :D In FL you dig away from the house foundation & put down stone to keep water away, weeds, cleaner etc. So why not do that at the store especially since y'all have had a very rainy season this year?

    Thank you for telling inquiring minds,

    1. You are good:) We usually have curbing "poured" on our Florida projects. Honestly I don't even think Mike and I considered that for TN. It would also be very costly to do the stone around the building. I see gutters in the store's future:)

      BTW...spolier.....we may not do the rock this time in Florida. It seems most people prefer the mulch and it is much cheaper. Oh and it is so much easier to work with and spread around.

  3. I guess I'm gonna start with another "oh, you should have done this" comment......
    Why didn't you just mount the electrical connections on the side of the building? Yes, you had the pole installed well before the building, but you could have had the "service" moved to the side of the building, and saved on the trench, PVC, and wire....and maybe used the pole for an outside light in the future.
    Or, why underground, when you could have run from the top of the pole across to the building?

    I'm sad to see that this is the temporary end of the "store story", but excited to begin reading about the house flip.

    Anything new going on at the house on the hill?

    1. I 'think" the electric company doesn't allow the electric service mounted on the buildings/houses. I will have to ask Mike about that.

      We went underground because "we" could do the job:)

      All is quiet and empty at our house now.