Friday, August 23, 2013

Chapter 164....The First Shelf Unit and Electrical At The Store

Chapter 164...Shelves and Electrical For The Store

I know it has been a long time but life has taken a change for the good and Mike and I are excited about our new upcoming project.  But back to the store for now.  We are in no rush to "finish" the store as this was really just something for us to do while increasing the value of our land.

Let me tell you about us getting the first shelves built and installed in the store.  We built the boxes and painted them at the house.  Today we are taking them to the store:

We laid out the "boxes" and attached the legs.  Mike is screwing the legs on:

A little awkward but Mike is almost done with our first shelf unit:

After we get them screwed together, Mike and I stand it up together and put it against the wall:

A little spackle, some more paint and they will look great:)

Next it's time for Mike to work on the electrical outlets.  We had to wait until after the sheetrock was done before Mike could do this.  Mike pulls out the wires to start wiring:

He strips off the extra wire casing so he can work with the actual wire:

Stripping tool for taking off the outer wire coating:

Wires are now stripped and ready to be installed into an outlet:

Mike uses the easy outlets which lets you plug in the wires:

One outlet is almost wired up.  Only about 20 more to go:

Putting the copper ground wire on:

More shelving ready to be put together:

Mike working on our overhead lights.  We did have a problem with the shop lights and we thought they were defective.  They were not.  Here is an FYI about fluorescent lights.  We were testing the lights and plugged them into a ground fault receptacle which kept tripping the line and the lights would go out.  We thought it was the light but it turned out to be the receptacle.  There is something about ground fault receptacles and fluorescent lights that don't mix.  Plugged into a regular receptacle and the light works fine.  We also had no trouble using compressors and all other tools on that same ground fault receptacle.  Just the fluorescent lights had a problem.

And the electrical box getting organized:

While Mike works on all the electrical I work on painting the floor trim:

And more:

The inside of the store is really coming together.  It won't be much longer before we are done.  Then we will have to finish the outside.

Sorry this on is short and sweet.  That's all for now and I will keep you posted on our progress everywhere:)


  1. Shelves look expected. Can't wait to hear more about the new project in FL, as well as all the other stuff going on in your lives.

    Interesting about the GFI and lights. It had me thinking about it, so I did a google search, and found this:

    Ballasts, starters, capacitors and fixtures must be grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC). In the case of fluorescent ballasts, the case must be grounded either to the fluorescent fixture or,
    if remote mounted, by other means such as a wire from ballast case to ground. Without proper fixture and ballast grounding, a shock hazard may exist due to the fluorescent fixture becoming energized by an internal ballast failure. In addition, all ballasts have normal leakage. When the ballast is properly grounded, the leakage current does not constitute a hazard.

    Read more:

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      The whole system is grounded and double grounded. The problem with the GFI outlet seems to be the ballast in the fluorescent light. These are not normally on a GFI outlet.

      Thanks for the link.


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  3. Good to see some "meaty" posts. LOL

    Thank you.

    1. We will have a lot more "meaty" posts coming up soon:)

  4. Looking good!


  5. 'Backstabbing' as its knows to Electricians is a bad thing for outlets. Years down the road, they tend to become fire hazards, because they tend to get 'loose' from being heated up and cooling down, and they tend to get loose and cause fires.

    Many people do this with out any problems, but, for those who do have problems, its always from a receptacle thats 'backstabbed'.

    I wish you well...


    1. Mike has used these for many years and has never had any problems. These outlets are UL approved.

      Thanks for the info.

  6. Good to see all the progress. With all the rain in your area, do you plan on installing gutters on your building? How is your garden doing, we haven't had any pics for awhile?

    1. We may install gutters next year. Fortunately and knock on wood, lol, all the rain hasn't caused any damage at the store.

      My garden is a sad sad story this year. I will post a picture soon and tell you all about it.

  7. You guys are amazing. I could not even imagine doing 1/1000th of what you guys accomplish in a day. Before noon. Without breaking a sweat. -redbird

    1. Thanks Red. Love that you wrote in:)