Monday, June 2, 2014

Once You Do Something Once It Gets Easier The Second Time…Installing Another Well Pump

Hello everyone….

Mike and I are now living in a pumpkin, lol.  Boy when we finally decide to do something we go all the way.  We now have a bright and cheery house that we painted:)  It will be hard to go back to neutral colors now, lol.

I have not received the sample of my laminate yet but I am not in a rush for that project.  It might be a good project for the winter:)

My garden is doing well and I am happy about that.  I will post some pictures next time when things are a bit bigger:)

So…back to the store.  Our grader has not shown yet to help with the septic so Mike and I decided to install the well pump.  Since we have already installed one well pump this year this one will be easier:) and it saves us a ton of money.

Mike unrolling the water line.  Our well is 125 feet deep.  We will use 116 feet of water line plus the pump:

And we will need to run some from inside the store to the well:

Next it's time to unroll the electric wire:

The well pump that we had at the house is still in good shape:

Fitting the water line onto the pump:

Getting the pump hooked up:

Mike adding and tightening the clamps at the water line connection to the pump:

Wrapping it with electrical tape to protect it:

Crimping the electrical connection:

Using the torch to melt the shrink tubing around the electrical connections:

And doubling up on the shrink wrap:

Adding the rubber adapter to protect the connections as it goes down the well:

The second rubber adapter at the halfway point:

Look at all those connections.  Thankfully Mike put the pressure switch, pressure valve, check valve and the well head together before we went down to the store:)

Mike wraps a piece of carpet over the metal to protect our water and electric lines when it goes down the well:

Getting ready to install all 120 feet or so down the pipe.  Mike holds the end with the pump while I help feed the line to him:

That part was easy.:)  Now Mike installs the well head onto the top of the well:

That's it.  Once we get our lines dug Mike will run the electric to the well and also the water lines to the store.

That's all for now. I will write again next week and get you all caught up on my garden….although I will leave you with a picture of my first harvest of the year:)

Have a great week:):)



  1. We love that color.....the place does look nice and cheery....and if you feel overwhelmed by it, you could always go with one of the walls going back to the off-white.

    Nice looking fruits and veggies....I took our Grandson's to go to a U-pick strawberry & blueberry farm....which is always fun...and there really isn't anything as sweet as a fresh picked strawberry!

    1. I love the color:)

      Fresh berry picking is always fun. Nicole and I will probably go in July sometime:)

  2. I love the new color with the rug. Do you happen to remember where you got that rug?

    1. Thank you. We bought that rug for a staging on a Florida house about 3 years ago. It was at a furniture store.

  3. Love the new color Lisa! Now on to the other rooms in another color (lol, just kidding). Your bounty looks pretty good to me, can't wait to see the garden pictures.

    1. Thank you. Mike thinks I am funny in my garden. I can spend hours in there, lol. I will post a garden update on Thursday.

  4. Whoops that post about loving the color was from Sandy!!!

  5. When using poly down pipe, the pump mfg. recommends that you use an additional nylon rope between the pump and sanitary well seal. Notice the loop on the pump and most sanitary well seals also have a loop on the bottom as well. It’s a bugger trying to fish out a lose pump from the bottom of the well. Glad to see you used a check insurance. Good to see all the progress you are making on all your projects and the garden.

    1. Thank you. That makes sense. I'm sure it would not be fun to fish out a loose pump.

      I'm hoping it will be a good garden year…I am not going to jinx myself by saying anymore, lol.

  6. WOW!! Didn't realize that I had been gone a month!
    Computer didn't like coffee with French vanilla in it, and rebelled LOL

    Nice to get caught up on all the doings and fixins...

    We are just starting to put tomatoes in the ground, up here in Ohio.
    You guys and gals must have a better growing season down that a way, since you have
    a bountiful harvest.
    Wife is looking to plant some strawberries in hanging baskets now, (gotta keep those muchers away from the vines).

    I wish you well...


    1. Hi Jesse

      Well…the plants are in the ground and I am patiently(so far, lol) waiting for the summer harvest.

      Happy planting.

  7. Hope that you guys have been's been awhile since you last posted.

    Hopefully, you've just been so busy with everything.....but we sure miss reading about your exploits!!

    1. I'm sorry about that. First we were busy then the punky kid(our granddaughter) got us sick. We are on the mend and I will post tomorrow:)

      Thanks for checking on us.