Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting The Septic Tank In And Hooking Up The Water

Good morning.  I am so sorry that I have fallen behind.  There have been a lot of things keeping us/me busy lately.  I have been volunteering at the library for the Summer reading program and I have been taking my granddaughter with me.  Then she stays overnight.  Other than that we have been busy with yard work and watching my gardens grow:)

So let me take you back a few weeks.  We finally got the septic tank in at the store:)

Mike and I picked up all the parts. the tank and the chambers, and stored them in our barn.  On a sunny morning we got a call from our grader that he could dig the hole today:)

Mike and I load everything up on the trailer and take it down to the store.  Since the septic tank is the size of our trailer it takes us 2 trips.

Getting ready to make it happen.  I start out by digging out the sewer pipe that is inside and coming out the building. It has to be cleared so that we can attach a pipe from there to the sewer.

Randy starts digging:

The pipe is out and Mike cuts off what we don't need:

Uh oh…Randy dug too far to one side and cut our electric line.  There is always bound to be excitement even in a simple job, lol:

Luckily Mike has the extra parts to splice the broken wire together:

Taping it up:

Time to drop the tank in the hole.  Randy pulls while Mike and Jimmy push it:

Jimmy standing on the tank while Randy starts digging the ditch for the chambers:

I start putting the chambers next to the ditch while Jimmy and Randy lay them out in the ditch:

The system is checked to make sure it is right and the flow is right then it gets covered.  The pipe is out of the ground so we can hook the tank to the pipe that runs to the building:

Time to dig from the building to the tank:

The vent pipe for the building is in and the sewer pipes are going in:

Next part of the job.  Now that the sewer is hooked up it's time to get the water from the well and into the building.  We run water line out and a corrugated pipe to cover it:

We need to get the water line inside the corrugated pipe.  To do this we tape a plastic water bottle the the end of the water line.  This will make it easier for us to push the water line through the pipe.  I love handy little tips like this:

Digging out behind the building:

Almost to the well:

We got the pipe in the ground:

We got the water line through and it's at the well ready to be hooked up:

Jimmy and his guys leave after that and Mike and I finish up.  Mike starts grading so I can rake it, seed it and then add straw:

Mike works on all the hookups at the building:

And now he has to cover the pipe:

It's starting to look good:

While Mike works behind the building I have gotten most of the dirt raked out, seeded and added straw:

Wa la…no more septic tank:

And the back of the building has been completed:

Now the only thing we can do is hope for rain to let the grass grow:)

Mike decided to expand the parking lot so people can easily turn around.  More gravel:

We got three loads of gravel, 60 toms worth.  Mike uses the tractor to spread it out:

It's a relief to have the hardest jobs on the store completed.  Now we just have to do a second coat of paint, finish up the bathroom and do some clean up.  One of these days we may open it:)

Have a great day.

Ooh…I will post some of my garden pictures next week.  I am so excited.


  1. While we missed you congratulations on all you have accomplished in your time MIA.

    1. Thank you. We have been keeping busy while not sick, lol.

  2. That is a lot of progress on your store. Always nice when a plan comes together. I love the new chamber type leech field. I have used it for a number of years now. I use the hi-capacity in my area as tree roots used to be a problem. Huge improvement over the old perforated pipe, no blinding what so ever with it. Do you plan on putting a holding tank on the well. Good to see you both back in the pink.

    1. The chambers are so much easier. Yes we put a holding/bladder(?) tank inside the building. It turned out well…what we did learn though, lol, is you can't put the switch that far away from the well. Mike had to move that.

  3. Looking good!


  4. I've been following your blog for quite some time. I did get a bit concerned during the lapse in coverage :) Love all the detail but, man, you two make me tired. Sure wish I had some of your energy!!

    Perhaps I missed it, but I don't know what type of store you are putting together. Could you give some info?

    1. You want our energy and I want my granddaughter's energy, lol.

      Ha…we call it the store as someday we may actually open it like a yard sale. We are collecting secondhand items and we keep taking them to the "store". The building of it was really all about adding more potential to that lot. Now we can either keep it, sell it, lease it, have fun for a bit and have some sales, or maybe later turn it into a house. We like to keep our options open:)

  5. I know that they don't really have a lot of rules in your area, but I was wondering about your having the septic system close to the well.....looks to look less than 50' ....and then what about having the septic near that creek along the road, or is that basically just drainage ditch?

    Glad to have you guys back....can't wait for future blogs.....

    1. We are good. The well Is about 25 or 30 feet off the one side of the building and the septic is another 25 or so off the building on the other side. Mike knows the exact numbers but I know we all measured it. The water up front is just a run off and not part of the big creek across the street.

      We will have a fun story coming up in a few weeks. Mike, Nicole and I are going to remodel her kitchen.:)

    2. Mike says the well is 25 feet off the building, then the building is another 48 feet and the septic is anither 30 feet off the back of the building. We are good:)

  6. Missed your posts Lisa!!! I don't know how you do it, man that is a lot of work, and I never knew what a septic tank look before today. Can't wait to see your garden pics!

    Sandy from CD

    1. Hi Sandy…

      I'm going to post the garden pictures now:)