Friday, June 17, 2016

Making A Recipe Book For The Girls

So much has been going on for the past few months but for now let me start with the recipe books that I made for my granddaughter and one of my nieces.  Both of these girls love to cook and I started working on books for each of them while Mike and I were in Florida.

I tried to find recipes that I thought each of them would like.  Then I printed the recipes and added pictures to each recipe.  I used sheet protectors for each recipe and inserted them into a binder (colored accordingly….pink for my granddaughter and purple for my niece). This way as they try the recipes they can keep them in the book or take them out.  They can also add new ones or I can give them new ones on their birthdays.

This is what my granddaughter's book looks like:

The index and coded for each category:


And just a few of her recipes:

On the weekends when I pick up Ella we take her book to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a recipe or two.  She has been working her way through the book and can now make some good recipes on her own.

When I go up to NY I will do the same for my niece.  We take over my mother in law's kitchen every time I visit.

I know I would have loved to have a recipe book like this when I was young…heck I'm in the process of making one for myself right now.  It took me awhile to make the books and I told both girls don't ever throw them out.  I will take them back and use them before that happens, lol.

I thought this was a good idea for two girls who really like learning to cook.  Now I have future gifts for them that I know they will like.  It's also a great way to make a book of your favorites or tried and true recipes.

Until next week…...


  1. Hooray ! You are back, both well and happy, I hope. I love the recipe books. I am a recipe freak and must have 150 cookbooks. I did something similar for my only granddaughter, though not near as nice. I still use some of your old recipes.

    Are you in Tenn or Fl ? How is everything holding up ? When I mentioned, last year, about some soundproofing to the patio roof, it was because we found if we were sitting outside and a good hard Fl rain fell, we couldn't hear each other talking with the noise.....I hope it worked out for you.

    Looking forward to whatever you choose to put out here.


    1. You sound like me. I love cookbooks…and always buy more when I see a good deal. I love the Taste of Home and Quick Cooking magazines:)

      In the new post you will see where we are and what we are doing. I hear you about the sound of the rain and talking. That's why I don't like metal roofs on houses. It's fine for a drizzle or light rain but I don't like them in downpours.

  2. Very good to see you back. Missed your postings.

    1. Thank you. I will try to get back on track:)

  3. My mother-in-law made similar cookbooks for everyone in the family. They are well used! Good to hear from you again!

    1. That is great. I know the girls really love them. Ella is working her way through the recipes and will need a refill soon, lol.