Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weed Razer and Some Lake Wildlife

Hello everyone.  It has been a few weeks but let me tell you about cleaning up some of our lake weeds/grass and checking out our wildlife.

One of our neighbor's has what is called a weed razer.  It is used to cut down lake grass and weeds.  He told us we could borrow his but since we don't like borrowing things Mike bought one:

You are not really supposed to use a boat for this but we gave it a try.  Mike driving the boat and the razer on board:

The yellow is the protective cover over the razor sharp blades.

Once Mike gets in position he throws the blades out into the water which is attached to a rope and tied to the boat:

Then he starts driving and we can watch the weeds being cut:

We don't want to cut all of them down but just clean up a bit.  It is pretty cool to watch the razor do the work.  It sinks to the bottom and cuts the grass off.  Once the grass is cut it pops up out of the water.

A couple of pictures looking back at the house:

It is a slow process as the blade gets pretty heavy and full of weeds.  We have to stop, clean off the blade and start again.  We only did a few swipes this time.

Some of it we can do from the land.  One of us throws the weed razer into the water and pulls while the blade cuts and the other one cleans up the weeds with a rake and pulls them out of the water.  It's a messy job.

Once that all dries we can put it out in the yard debris trash.

And some pictures of our wildlife:

Looks like they are friends, for now:

And this little guy who is not afraid of us at all:

Have a wonderful day and I will write again soon.


  1. Just wanted to point out that the weeds filter the water, provide nesting and breeding grounds for fish, and allow smaller fish to hide from predators.

    1. Yes we know and that is why we are only cleaning out some of the weeds. We love the fish and want to keep it healthy for them. Now if we could only stop others from using non aquatic products…life would be really good.

  2. Looks like a lot of hard work! Are y'all not worried about the 'gators? I grew up on the "river", but we didn't have near as many!

    Keep posting as I am living vicariously throught you! :)

    Hoope y'll have a wonderful Christmas!


    1. Hi Kats:) Actually Mike and I think they must have allowed a hunt here at some time. We have only seen one larger gator and the one baby this year. Thankfully they don't bother us and they only sun once in awhile on the one side of the house:) Yay…I can live with that.

  3. My inlaws rake the lake up in Michigan with one of those. It does a pretty good job of keeping the swimming area in front of their cottage. Yep, don't like gators but I give you credit for taking a picture. That little guy probably eats fish and frogs, for now. The view of the house from the lake REALLY shows the hard work put into the house. Well have a Merry Christmas.