Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring And Back Home In Tennessee

It's been awhile so I thought I would post an update and tell you what's been going on.

Mike and I left Florida to come back to Tennessee on Saturday April 11.  Sadly we didn't realize it was the end of a holiday week and it took us much longer to get home.  As usual Mike and I made the trip in one day switching back and forth while driving.  Either way we made it home and the house had no major problems.  Well at least none that Mike could not fix.  we didn't realize it the first day but our pressure gauge on the well broke and the water was leaking from the well which meant our pump was constantly running and it ran our electric down.  On sunday we realized what the problem was.  Luckily we have the same well pump set up at the store so we "borrowed" the part until we could get to the Farm Supply.  The electric also went out a few times when I started the vacuum cleaner.  We thought it was the vacuum but it turns out it was the switch on the batteries.  Mike took the old switch off and will replace it.  BTW, our batteries are in excellent shape.  Mike checked them all and added just a little distilled water.

Of course we called the kids as soon as we got settled back into the house and they wanted to know about Sunday breakfast.  Sorry guys you will have to wait until next sunday since I have no food.  Imagine that…Lisa has no food in the house and pigs must be flying.

The first week back was fairly quiet until the weekend.  Ella, our 10 year old granddaughter, informed us she was moving in for the weekends.  Nicole dropped her off our first friday home.  I believe Ella had about 7 bags with her, lol.  "Her" room now has a bunch of stuff and her posters.  Ella and I went for our first round of yard saling that weekend and we scored:)  We had the back of the Jeep loaded with books, shoes, toys and odds and ends.  I told her "papa is never going to let us go yard saling again, lol"

Of course we are back to our Sunday breakfasts with the kids and we are having a good time.
Mike just had to take a picture of me back in my apron, lol.  Oh my hands are like that as I am imitating the infamous cookie tray picture of me from a few years back.

Next Sunday we may do a Time Capsule.  I know…we are late to that party but we will give it a shot.  Now…what to put in it:)

We got home just in time for my library's books sale….yay.  I missed the one in the fall so I am happy to get back on track this spring.  We had a meeting and I found out that the library will be doing another carnival this summer and I was already volunteered to work it.  We also have The Summer Reading program for the kids coming up.  Ella signed up and I volunteered.  Now back to the Book Sale.  Set up day was crazy.  We had 3 truck loads of books donated.  We didn't have enough tables for all the books so we had to leave boxes of books on the floor.

It was a great sale and a lot of work.

The next weekend Nicole and I did our annual plant day.  We had a great time.  It was a saturday so Nicole dropped Ella off to stay with Mike while her and I went to town.  We now go to our favorite place for our one stop shopping.  They have the best plants at the best prices.

Here is  our Garden place:

Ooh plants everywhere:

Nicole browsing:

Browsing some more:

It's hard to choose:

Another greenhouse full of flowers:

And the main vegetable greenhouse:

After buying our plants we had a very nice lunch and then we went back to the house.  It was a wonderful day and one I look forward to every year:)

The girls and their plants and Ella being a ham, lol:

Of course this past sunday was Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day everyone:)  Nicole was so nice to think of me and brought me some beautiful flowers.  I love flowers.

Ooh…look how pretty they are:)
Thank you Nicole…I really love them.

And now for yesterday….Mike is back to feeding his fish:) both he and the fish are happy campers, lol.

And after I hardened off my plants I got them all planted yesterday.  Then last night we had a wicked rain storm.  Nicole called to warn me but my plants were already in the ground.  I hope they are OK.  I am only planting my small square foot garden this year and I spread the plants out more than usual.  Here are my plants, as of yesterday:

It always looks so pitiful when things are first planted.  I planted tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, bush beans, zucchini, squash and some flowers for companion planting and to attract the bees.

My strawberries look pretty good:

Sadly the deer chomped on my little fruit trees and all of my blueberry bushes…grr!!!   As much as I love the animals…they drive me crazy when it comes to growing things.

That's about it.  We should have a busy summer coming up.  Next month we may take a trip down to Florida to check on things there.

Have a wonderful day:)


  1. Good to see you home.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. You're welcome. It's good to be back.

  2. So nice to see you back!!! Love the garden - looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    1. I'm excited. I will be planting more seeds today:)

  3. Nice to read your update. For the past week or so I've been checking every day to see if you post. ;) Looks like you have a great summer ahead of you! I'm glad that everything on the home-front was ok upon your return. How nice that Nicole honored you on Mother's Day -- I'm sure that she is very thankful for her "bonus mom." Your garden looks great - looking forward to progress reports.

    Again, thank you Lisa and Mike for sharing your lives with us! Looking forward to the next update!

    CA Sweet Pea (Susan)

    1. Summer should be pretty busy. No construction going on but we will be doing things with the kids and I will be doing things at the library.

      Yeah…Nicole has turned out to be a thoughtful young woman:)

  4. Welcome Back!! Glad you had a good break. What is on the horizon for the summer? You mentioned going back to FL house. What is the status and plan for the store? Are you going to keep both houses? Looking forward to following along...

    1. Mike and I are a bit in limbo right now. We have some decisions to make as we are getting a bit older. For now we will see what happens with things. We may have a big sale at the store next weekend but we most likely won't replenish the "goods".

      We may take a trip down to Florida in a couple of weeks. Nicole wants the nail gun so we can help her build a shed, lol.

    2. I know that you realize this, but you could buy Nicole her own nail gun, compressor, and a lot of nails for the price of the gas you will use driving down to Florida to retrieve that old one...LOL!!!
      OK, you were gonna go anyway, so that was just an excuse, but geez.....blaming poor Nicole is just wrong! LOL!!

  5. I have checked and checked for updates but I don't begrudge you the time off. It is good to see you all having such a good time. I am a library fan, as well. I have volunteered in one of the libraries here that has a used book store. I buy more than I sell.....lol. Most I donate back.

    Thank you for the update and especially the pictures.

    I am going to try the sq. ft. gardening. Do you do anything with the soil in your plot, amend it, add to it, etc, etc ? I am in central fl and live on the ridge....pure sand......so I work at adding compost.....


    1. Ha, ha…that's the problem with volunteering with books. I also have way too many but like you I donate them back. Have you seen those Little Free Libraries? I think that is a great and fun idea..if only I lived in a neighborhood. http://littlefreelibrary.org

      I add compost each year to my square foot garden. As you know the healthier soil the better the garden. Did you put weed cloth/liner in the bottom of your garden? If I ever start a new SFG I am gong to leave the bottom open to the soil that is there.

  6. I LOVE your garden center! I bet you were happy to be able to carry on your tradition of "gathering of the flowers and veggies". Your flowers are beautiful from Lisa, such a sweet girl (it's nice to get that isn't it). And last but not least.....Ella taking control over "her" room, being a grandma and papa is the best! Enjoy the spring.


    1. Nicole and I used to go to the high school to get our plants…then they got greedy and raised their prices. Our garden barn is amazing…but you have to get there early. Most of the flowering plants are sold out by Mother's Day.

      I was very happily surprised with my flowers from Nicole. Ella is growing up. We will spend as much time with her as we can…before the teen years take over, lol.

    2. Lol, I re-read my post, I meant flowers from Nicole!

  7. Maybe the next project (aside from the usual stuff around the homestead) will be to convert the store into a rental unit? I think I remember you mentioning that option awhile back.
    No cows now, right? Do you miss them?

    The garden looks great, and I'm sure it will be plentiful for you guys.
    Is a greenhouse in your future plans?

    Those shrubs behind the house really took off......

    Great hearing from you guys.....missed the blog!!

  8. Boy you've really dropped off the face of the earth, haven't you?
    Hope you are well and doing fun stuff.

  9. Hey Lisa, its August! Are you going to update this thing or, should I take it off my favorite list? Just wondering whats going on in your life now? Hope to see another update or two, before you really call it quits.
    I wish you well...


  10. Hi Lisa, I am hoping you and Mike are okay, but am assuming you are just busy with life. Hope to see an update or a message that all is well with you.

  11. Hello everyone…I am so sorry I have not been here in so long. Mike and I are fine but we had no projects going on.

    We are going back to Florida very soon to finish up the house and do the outside work. On top of that I plan on starting more recipes to help one of my niece's in NY with her cooking.

    See you all soon.

  12. My wife, Robin, told me I have halitosis. I told her "No, it's just my baited breath waiting for an update from Lisa!"