Monday, March 9, 2015

Lake House "Inside" Before and Afters

Yay it's time for the story everyone waits for.  Now for the before and afters of the inside of the house.  This season here in Florida is coming to a close so we are just about finished for the year.  Next year will be another story.

Now for the fun:

Standing at the "old" front door:

Now…without the brick wall:

Inside the kitchen looking to the "old" front door which is hidden:

Opened up:

The old kitchen:

And now:

Not even a refrigerator:

Now with lights and an island:

Old big kitchen:


Looking into the old dining room:

We painted, added some solar shades so we can still see the views but gave the room some privacy and added an area rug, lighting, a picture and furniture:

The old den and the very ugly blinds:

New blinds are in and we are set up for some fun:

The old den, which was the "original" garage:

Now it will work nicely as a game room.  We still need to move the solar panels but that is for next year.

The master bedroom before:

And after:

The guest room before:

And after:

We still have the bathrooms to do but since they were in good shape we left them for another time.

The old step down hallway from the dining room the the sliding door and cut through to the living room:

New hallway with level floor:

Ooh…here it is, our favorite part of the living room, not, lol.  


Looking at the old step down and door:

New door:

The old living room:

Our new living room:

We are finished for the season on the inside of the house.  Yay…next year we can do some more.  We have the kids coming this week and then we will jump back outside for the curbing and hopefully soem planting.  That's all for now.  I will post again next week.



  1. Looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Great job!! Love the purple accent wall! The kitchen looks fabaulous!! Everything looks simply awesome!!

    Did y'all bring the solar panels from TN to put on the FL house? Will ya'll be heading back up to TN this at all this year?

    1. Thank you.

      Mike has plans to add the solar panels next year.

      We will be heading home soon.

  2. Beautiful job, as usual. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you and thanks for coming along for the ride:)

  3. I love how you refer to the TN place as "Home"...and that is really the way it should be. This is going to be your second home, but we all know where your heart is.........of course, if the kids move south, that may change..LOL!!

    The before/after photos are always fun to look at, to see how different the place looks, and to see just how talented and wonderful you have made that place....the place that was "just plain weird inside"...LOL!!

    We are looking forward to seeing pictures of the family...I'm sure you granddaughter has really grown in the past 6 months or so....and those are the only pictures we get to see Mike smiling...LOL!! He's usually so serious when he's working on a project!

    As much as I hope you keep this place, I will miss those "FLIPS" that you have been doing...though I guess there really is no reason you couldn't still do that...

    1. TN always feels like home but I wish we didn't have the cold winters.

      Yeah this house was a strange one to figure out what to do with it. Mike and I are pretty happy with the outcome.

      Yeah Mike is pretty serious when we work. He is usually yelling "put that camera down and help me", lol. I'm sure we will have lots of smiles and laughs with the kids. I will get lots of pictures.

      I'm not sure what our future holds but the flips are getting harder. We are older, the houses are older and need more work, and things are so darned expensive. I will never say never though:)

  4. Looks way better.

    Say, is that mantle a half inch off center? ;-)

    1. Thanks.

      Ha, see what happens when I let Mike do something by himself, lol.

  5. younglisa7 & & Mike...I have been waiting so long to see your finished home and without a doubt...completely amazed at the they very hard work you were able to accomplish, it looks just LOVELY! Such a fine job you both did, sincerely...long life and happiness to you both! Well Done!


  6. I love it, all of it. But, especially the second bedroom. You did a beautiful job on that one especially. Have fun with the family, take a break and just relax, if you


    1. I like that room also. I may move into it, lol.

  7. As always you both amaze me by your pure ability to transform a ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. What a gift you both have. I wish I had that insight and decorating flair. I am a huge fan of yours. Really, everything you do I am in awe of. I always get a chuckle when I see Niki in the pictures checking things out. If I ever decided to get a dog, it will be a pug because I am in love with your dog.

    1. Thank you so much and Nki appreciates the adoration she gets from all f her fans:)