Monday, April 21, 2014

Selling Some Land, A New Tent, Easter WIth The Kids

It was a good week last week but it started out very cold.  Mike and I did manage to organize some things and get paperwork done.  We seem to do a lot of organizing on our down days.  Mike says if he was next to me while I had the label machine he would end up labeled, lol.

Thursday was our closing and we are so happy for the couple who bought the pond property.  They are getting to begin a new adventure.  As soon as they closed they went over and did their first round of mowing(I don't envy that, lol).  On saturday they picked up a new "used" camper and towed it to the property.  And so their new adventure begins:)  I love new adventures.

Friday we waited for the well man but he never called.  Hopefully we will get the well in this week at the store.

Last week I mentioned maybe building a playhouse for our granddaughter.  The more we thought about it the more we decided it might be a shorter lived thing, very expensive and time consuming.  I came up with an idea that was instant and would bring her happiness for the summer and maybe even long after that.  A tent:)  Mike and I decided to buy her a tent as an early part of her birthday present and set it up for her on Friday before she got home from school.

I made a sign and we set up the tent…then we picked up Ella.  She was very surprised and thrilled with  "her" tent:

Her and papa hanging out inside:)

Ella has moved into her tent, lol.  We are sure she will get a lot of use out of her tent.  She has a head start with Spring break:)

After we went home Mike got back onto trying to make us more independent and off of the propane that we use.  He ordered a new well pump and his hope is to not have to use the generator to fill our water tank.  That should be here this week.  He also ordered the solar refrigerator.  That will take 4-6 weeks to get unless they have one on the line.

Saturday I spent the day getting ready for the kids to come over for Easter.

Easter Sunday….

Mike and I hid soem eggs for the kids.

Ella checking under the building:

Getting ready to hit the yard:

AJ shaking a tree for an egg:

This is the first time we did an egg hunt for the kids.  Mike and I thought they would be so easy to find…not.  They got most of the eggs after an hour or so.  We still have the "missing" 4 eggs, lol.

After that we went down to the house and had a nice dinner then it was time for games.  Since Ella spent Sunday night with us she had a few bags full of games.

Playing Headbanz…yes we look goofy but we did have fun:)

This morning we woke up and took the little one antiquing with her Easter money.  On our way home we stopped to visit Homer, the donkey and his parents:)

Stopping at the pond to feed the fish.  We have 4 big catfish, a Koi, and 3 carp…then lots of bluegill and some bass.

Once up top Ella helped Mike and I wash the big Truck.  We will get pictures of the truck today and get it down to the store and up for sale:

Once we finished that Papa helped Ella fill up her balloons for the balloon sling shot toy:

Mike and I held the big sling shot while Ella got to fire off the water balloons.  Since this needed 3 people there are no pictures.  Let's just say Ella had fun shooting our shed, lol.

Ella and I paying frisbee:)

More fun and games after I post this story than Mike and I need to do some work after Ella goes home.  Supposedly the weather is changing again.  Ugh….when will spring be here to stay.

Not much work this week but lots of fun.  Gotta have the fun and enjoy the kids while we can:)

Have a great week.  Hopefully we will have the well in by next week.  We also need to get some work done if we plant to get the store open this year.

Have a great week:)



  1. Which grandchild found the "special" egg?!?!

  2. Ella found the big money egg and AJ was a very good sport.

  3. Looks like so much fun! :)


    1. Thanks Kats. It is always fun with them. It helps that Mike and I are like big kids, lol.

  4. All work and no play......
    Looks as if you found the time for some play, and I know it was worth every second to you guys!!

    The advantage of that Tent, is that you can bring it over to your place too.....and it's something that she can use for years! Building a playhouse limits those things....and as you mentioned, she's already in it, and I imagine it cost less than the paint would for a playhouse!

    Glad to hear the folks closed on the lake property...hopefully this time it's for good! How are things going with the places in FL. I've forgotten, did you sell the place that you had to re-do in the middle of the big house project. And what about that place....I think you said you wanted to wait on that place.....maybe use it next winter, and be "snowbirds"

    I'm curious to hear how the well deep is the well up by the house? I'm wondering if you'll be in the same aquafir, and if you can deduct the elevation of the other well, to figure how deep you'll be going on the shop well.

    1. We enjoy it all while we can:)

      Ella already wants to take her tent to NY, lol.

      We did sell the re do house. We are still undecided about the last house. Eventually we will sell we just don't know when.

      I will give you all the details of the well when we get it in. Still waiting. We did get the new pump yesterday:)

  5. Sure looks like you all packed a lot of fun into a weekend :)
    Its good to have Grandkids, when your still young and healthy, cause it makes all the difference in the World to you and to them.
    What? No Trout in that pond? Figure Mike would have a pole, going after some 'big uns' :) Dinner anyone?
    Hmmmm maybe you didn't make the pond deep enough for trout to live, or, is the spring that feeds the pond not cold enough in the Summer time? (Figure mountain springs are usually the coldest ones, every time I encountered any springs).

    Shame, the kids will grow up so quickly. Ella hasn't hit the teens yet? Seems every 'teen' changes, once the hormones kick in and they want to be 'independent'... I still wish my kids were small, but, alas, they are all grown up and just not so much fun anymore LOL... enjoy them while you still have them :)

    I wish you well..,


    1. We try. We really have fun with the kids and we know it won't last for too much longer. They are growing and they will soon move on with their lives and become boring, lol. Mike and I will pack in as much fun as we can with them and give them some good memories:)

      Hmm…Mike never talked about trout. Even our fish trucks don't sell trout. We usually have them here in the creeks and not the ponds.

  6. Looks like you guys all had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing

    Deb Cheever

    1. Thanks Deb. We gotta have the fun before they get too old, lol.