Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loading Up And Going Back Home...And Our First Visit

Last Monday was a crazy day in Florida.  Mike and I got a call from the transport driver and he said he would be there by Monday afternoon to pick up the Suburban that came with the house.  As soon as he picks it up, Mike, Niki and I need to hit the road and meet the driver at the other end.

The Jeep is stuffed and ready to be towed:

All of the gas equipment is in the Jeep since we need to keep the motorhome "clean" for us:

I do the finishing clean up on the house while we wait.  Niki is banned to the outside, lol.

Yay...the transport truck is here.  He did have one problem...he couldn't turn around on our block.  He drove to the cul de sac and then he had to back up to our house:

Mike helped the driver load the Suburban on.  It barely fit.  The back tires are just at the end of the truck.  I really hope it makes it up the mountain...crossing my fingers.

The driver is ready and so are we:

Bye bye house....see you in a few months:

Mike and I left about 3:00pm on Monday afternoon.  We took turns driving and drove through the night.  We were worried about bad weather coming in so we had to get there as soon as we could.  Nicole told us our driveway was clear:).  We got in about 4:30am on Tuesday morning and we were exhausted.  First things first...get the wood stove started.  While Mike did that I set Niki up inside the house and started to unload the motorhome.  After a couple of hours we went to bed.  A little after 7:00am the phone rang....it was the granddaughter "are you home yet"?  "Can I come over after school"?  It's nice to be missed but Mike and I need to catch up on sleep first and make sure the house is OK, lol.

We spent the rest of the day getting the house back in order and running.  Mike filled our water tank, got the propane turned on, and filled the batteries for our solar bank, and got the water turned back on in the house.  We both finished unloading the cars...then we took a nap.  Thankfully this trip back went very smoothly unlike last year's fiasco.  The house held up extremely well and everything was in good shape.  The worst thing this year was we needed a new shower head as our old one clogged and we couldn't get it cleaned out.  There is a lot to be said for the old shower heads that can be taken apart with a screw:)  Other than that we had some dead bugs inside.  Mike and I were extremely happy about that.

Tuesday night we got a call that the driver was in town and on his way.  Mike and I drove over to the store to wait for him.  Yay...the truck made it.  We got it unloaded and Mike drove it up to the house.

On Wednesday morning we got our first visitor.  Mike's daughter showed up with chocolate cake to celebrate all of our birthdays that were missed.  We even sang to ourselves, lol.  It was a nice visit and it is good to be back.

Later that same day Ella wanted to come over to bring Papa his gifts:)

Ella and Papa....they are best buds:)

Mike's gifts handmade with love and filled with goodies:)

We are happy to be back and have lots to do this year.  Now we have to wait for Spring weather:)  I will write in each week to give you an update.  Sorry this one was late.

Home Sweet Home

Have a great week:):)


  1. Glad y'all made it home safe and sound, and that everything was in good shape when you got there!


    1. Thanks Kats. We are happy to be home:)

  2. I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten about us po' folks out here LOL :)
    And, we are all glad that you made it safely, (if I can speak for those who dont post, but, look anyways).
    Hmmmm using a wood stove to warm the house up.. well, it shouldnt take that long, since its a small home, I reckon :)
    Hope everything is alright up on that thar mountain, and will be waiting for your future posts...so, dont keep us gals and guys a waitin :)
    I wish you well...


    1. Hi Jesse

      We started out with the wood stove and after some sleep Mike got the propane heater going until the house heated up. Even so the house was about 55 degrees inside when we got home without any heat on.

      I'll post on Monday.

  3. LOL!! Was there space in the ash tray for something extra in the Jeep....looks like every other spot was filled...Haha!

    Glad that all went well, and that the 'Burb made the trip up there too.
    Guess it will be out front of the store.....the first item to sell. :-)

    Wonderful birthday gifts.....you can never go wrong with candy!

    Gotta say, I'm gonna miss getting the blog twice a week.....but I guess I'll deal with it.

    1. We are waiting to do a grand opening at the store. Until then we have to come up with some other projects:)

      It would be too boring to write twice a week. I might do a regular update on Mondays and add in some food stuff/recipes on Thursdays.

    2. Oh yeah...the Jeep was groaning, lol.

  4. Now see that is your money shot I'm talking about when the leaves come on & the green comes out that beautiful view. No never sell just enjoy that view & being back home with the family to make memories. Glad y'all made it safe & sound bet Niki is happy to be home. ;) Jaxson

    1. Ahh....Mike was worried we were selling, lol. Big plans this year with the kids. Lots of promises that have to be kept.

  5. It's good to see the family back together again. Time passes so slowly for the younger ones. When are you guys going to plant all the trees that Mike got?

    1. I do remember those days when time passed so slowly. Now...time flies, lol.

      We are supposed to get the tree delivery this month. I will call on Monday and see if I can get an update.